05 July 2010

A Few More Good Ones from House Beautiful

I really did love this month's House Beautiful.  I wanted to find better shots of these lovely homes, but this is the best I can do for now (my phone's camera)  Perhaps making them larger will help.

Design Consultant's Ellen O'Neil's Grammery Park's Apartment

Such restraint on the color!  That playful mobile, the black-painted window panes, the toile daybed.  I love this place...

a simple, asymmetrical mantel

A Balboa Island, California Cottage

Who wouldn't love that fridge?

I went crazy over this wallpaper!



  1. you've convinced me to go pick up this issue!

  2. Julie, I was just reading this article! I love everything this woman said about a small space and the whole vibe in this room. This HB issue is particularly spectacular showing the different sizes of rooms.

    I have a angel vine topiary like on the mantle with then a heart shaped one. I loved her comments about wanting to keep the room cohesive but also what made this place was the view out those huge doors and the feeling at night and the balcony. It's a special space with such personality with the courage put into it. I get how the 450 sq feet can be a grand space.
    Also, love the flowers on the sink it was when you first open a magazine and first thing that opens, those flowers. This issue makes one want to decorate five houses!

    I have a thing for wire and mirrors and the Gramercy Studio has it. And I agree with you on the second place's wallpaper. :)

  3. ugh! mine still hasn't arrived by mail!

  4. I love that wallpaper too!! I want to use it somewhere!! I also loved Amanda Nisbet's 1 day makeover....that ikat fabric was awesome!

  5. Ooh that looks like a good one... love the black paint on the window frames....
    Yes, I love the Baeba Babycook and I'm a little obsessed with their spoons too. And my other baby love is life factory bottles!