28 July 2010

Southern Living Idea House in Louisiana

I just got my Sunset, Country Living, and Southern Living all in the mail on the same day.  Don't you live that?  There are so many images I need to share!

For any of you who don't live in the south...I thought I need to share SL's beautiful Louisiana Idea House for 2010.  Enjoy...

(don't you love that lighting in this spa bath?)

I am obsessed with "tile" entry rugs!  Is this not fabulous?  Don't you think that always choices that are the riskiest usually are the most spectacular?  I want a client to let me do this one day.

what a perfect exterior

peg board entry!  Complete with Hunter boots.

pause:  I told you I got some, didn't I?  Chris asked if they are decor or clothing...

SL is getting funky...I like!!

gorgeous galley kitchen with banquette

Do you love this mirror?!!!  A decorative artist did the wall...not wallpaper!

dreamy outdoor area with Ballard seating

this chandelier in the master bedroom is a mixture of sea urchins & ctystals!

OK...this is the GARAGE apartment!

the bedroom in this apartment

What a great house, no?

more at

One more thing....look what arrived Saturday!  Can you have real love for an unreal object?  I think so.



  1. thanks, Julie, that was a great look at the house. I especially liked the powder room mirror and paint treatment on the wall.

  2. wonderful images...love that the house feels liveable and not overly decorated!

  3. I LOVE this house! The kitchen is just beautiful and fresh. I agree that the riskiest choices always have the biggest payout!

  4. I think the Garage is my favorite part. Congratulations on your new chair....I know you wanted one soooo bad!

  5. Julie, Thanks for the preview. I usually get my SL from my mother in law and she hasn't passed this issue along yet! Love that kitchen. I really dig banquettes! Of course I'm not picky, I'd take that garage apt. if someone was handing them out too. Congrats on the fab new chair! I have a chair "problem" and have a self imposed blockade on buying anything new for awhile. I even have a few farmed out to friends and family!

  6. Southern Living IS getting a little funky .... and I couldn't be more pleased. Love it! Congrats on the chair - it works so perfectly in your place.

  7. Thank you so much for the sweet post!! Great preview!


    Eddie & Jaithan

  8. Just discovered your wonderful blog.
    LOVE the chandelier in the master bedroom.... gorgeous!
    Thanks for sharing.

    Will be back for more

  9. I'd be happy to live in the garage apartment! I do agree, taking risks is what makes a space go from good to great...

  10. I LOVE your new chair!!

    Could that home be any more perfect, love the exterior and the banquet!

  11. Great Blog! No one can resist getting a little funky with abstract painter, Amanda Talley! She is so much fun and her painting work well in any space.