07 November 2010

You're Invited!

I am not quite sure why I wanted to put together a little gathering--it was just on my heart to do it so I did!  Sorry I can't pay for everyone.  Who knows, maybe one year it will by my treat!

I can't tell you how much Chris and I love this restaurant.  It is our date night place....and one of the inspirations for the design of our home!  Check out its glory:

(image James Camp Photography)

do you spot lotus flower love?

Here is the menu Jennifer prepared especially for us....

wood fired margherita pizza 
spinach - fontina - prosciutto - caramelized onion pizza 
pancetta bacon - slow cooked onion pizza
fromage & charcuterie 
salt & pepper fried calamari 
hanger steak - chimichurri sauce 
van gogh’s crab cake - vanilla citrus beurre blanc 
goat cheese ravioli - sweet tomato sauce 
white truffle & parmesan frites 
house cured salmon pastrami grilled pumpernickel horseradish creme fraiche 
mini red velvet cupcakes-cream cheese icing 
$25 per person
cash bar

Please email us if you want to come.  We'll have a blast!

If you out-of-towners want to make a little trip of it, I'll get a sitter for Friday morning and we can go shopping and grab lunch.

I probably won't post as often this week, for I am writing two articles for the holiday issue for Rue!!!  Aren't you excited?  The spaces, again, are to die for.  I'll do my best to snag a sneak peek for y'all.  

Anisa has a great home tour to show you this week, too.  Here is a sneak peek of the home she designed along with the homeowners:

And a little cuteness--look at little Wyatt's preschool photo.  I can just eat my boys' cheeks.


  1. So many things to comment on:) 1. I would sooo love to come to the get together you're planning- my sister actually lived in Atlanta up until a few months ago so I would have been able to come but sadly, I don't think I will be able to join:( 2. The restaurant looks gorgeous and I'm stealing one of the pictures if that's OK- I'm about to do a post on riddling racks and that shot is beautiful. 3. Wyatt is soooo adorable - little boys are just so squishy and loveable! If I could eat my son's face, I would:)
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend and I can't wait to read your Rue articles xo

  2. Oh Julie..love the invitation. Photos will have to suffice for your night out - sob! Its lunchtime here and that menu sounds fab. Best of luck with the Rue articles - looking forward to reading them. Wyatt is so cute - such a great age as they still love to give cuddles to their Mammy. Sinead x

  3. I'm "IN" cause I live here!!!!! Lucky me....Wyatt is the bomb and those blue eyes....wow. The invitation is as cool as the restaurant so I can't wait.

  4. Sounds like a blast, but unfortunately I can't make it from MS. Have fun! And the restaurant looks fabulous!!

  5. Wyatt's school picture is adorable!! And what a great idea to get bloggers together!! So wish I could come. I am going to be in Atlanta for a day or two over Thanksgiving so I don't think I have it in me to drive back down in Dec. It would be so fun to actually meet you and guess what? My birthday is Dec 16th!!!

  6. Wyatt is so so sweet! I really wish I could make this event, but a trip from NYC is not in the cards. Hope to see lots of pics and I'm sure it will be a blast!

  7. oh, y'all will have so much fun!

  8. I would be attending in a heartbeat...if I wasn't in Massachusetts! Looks like a fantastic place, great menu and sure to include great conversation w/ the group you do round up.

    You little boy.. um, adorable. Looks just like you too, do you see that? :-)

  9. Yummy interior and menu! I'm putting this on my calendar...fun! Wyatt and my youngest could be brothers--love the blonde locks. See you soon, I hope!

  10. Oh Julie, I am not jealous at all that you all are going to get together and laugh and share great design ideas and eat wonderful food in a most incredible setting. Nope. Not a bit. (But why do I have to live in Seattle!!!!)

    Have super fun!

    And Wyatt, Oh My Goodnees. He is so adorable! What a happy and most handsome young man. You are going to be busy fending off the dames!

    ox, Mon

  11. Hey Julie,

    I'm still trying to figure it out if I can come then or the weekend before (for Scott's). If I come up the weekend before, I would still love to meet you in person (and Sherry too). I'll let you know what I can arrange.

    You're so great to arrange something like this! And your baby is precious!! Mine just had his school photo snapped today - can't wait to see his proof!


  12. Sounds like a lot of fun...have to check my calendar to see if I can make it!!!

  13. oh this sounds like so much fun! hmmm I do need to make one last pre-baby Ikea run ...

  14. Be still my heart with those sweet cheeks! How precious does he look!

    Wish I were closer friend! I would be at this gathering in a heartbeat!
    OH maybe next time I can fly in.

  15. Oh I wish I was in ATL then.. and oh this restaurant looks fab (saving it in my files for my next visit. Can't wait to see you're article in Rue. Love the invite.. and you're little boy is super yummy. Mine has that kind of delicious blonde hair and facey but he just turned 5 and is starting to look so much more like a big boy :(

  16. Love to join! Putting dates on my calendar and will email you. Great idea!

  17. Ok, so I'm not quite sure about this...is the dinner invite for you wonderful blog designers that I adore, or for your blog readers too?
    Also, I'm sure you've already been a million times, but My Favorite Place in Chamblee is my fav flea mkt/junking place...(I'm local, Alpharetta!).