08 November 2010

project runway ain't got nuthin' on her

Why have a blog if you can't brag from time to time about those you love & admire?

Please see the work of my beloved cousin Allie's work.  She is finishing up her BFA at Ole Miss and for her master project this senior year she's doing a "rags to riches" line of couture.  

Hello--here is her model in trash bags.  I'm speechless!

Her dish cloth formal:

Unbelievable brown bag skirt!

coffee filter sculptural piece

Is she not talented?  I am in awe.

Not only is she talented in fashion (and interned at Saks in Atlanta this summer doing displays--how cool!), but she is gifted in photography

(her photo self-portrait below)


And one of her real loves is the graphic arts

(she made this for me!!)

You're gifted, Allie girl!

And she is graduating this year---so if anyone needs to hire a gifted designer of all trades--please look up Allie.  I'd love to hire her myself :)



  1. Ok, I seriously want to wear the dish towel dress! Gorgeous! Your talented cousin needs to get herself to Project Runway b/c she would just eat those challenges up!

  2. wow! Who knew coffee filters could be so chic!

  3. Talent definitely runs in the family!! Those dresses are amazing and you're right, she definitely knows how to take a photograph- stunning! I love your invite and so wish I was able to attend-
    xo Christine

  4. I was just wondering who did your cool invite? I should have known it was somebody related to you. What a talented gene pool!

  5. Love it!!! What style and creativity!!

  6. love that coffee filter piece. fantastic!

  7. Clearly it is in the genes! Amazing design work.I have never seen dish cloths look so fab! Sinead x

  8. Wow, these are amazing! I would totally wear the dish cloth gown and that coffee filter dress reminds me of a Chanel gown. Very talented!

  9. You have every right to brag! She is absolutely fabulous and so very talented. Thanks for sharing her with us!

  10. I love this! I think the dish cloth one is my favorite. I went to school for fashion too but ended up in interiors but I always have a place in my heart for amazing talent like this! Good luck to her!

  11. This is my dream! I love fashion and art. Her creations are beautiful!

  12. Coffee Filters....bring it...I love that one!

  13. What fun creations and great challenges. They are all so beautiful!

  14. no kidding, WOW-you should definitely snatch Allie up fast. Fashion designers really impress me, it's really half engineering and she does graphics, too. Start bribing.