25 November 2010

still grateful & Jill Brinson

So Happy Thanksgiving!  This is me, thankful for a clean and quiet home.  There is really no other way to scrub and clean and organize for a shoot than kicking out my husband and the boys.  We are having Thanksgiving today at my in-law's place at Lake Lanier....so I just pleaded for them to head out early.  I was so happy to walk around in a clean and ready house that I had to pull out the camera at 9 pm.  It is like spotting the Lochness Monster.  When you have little boys, no one would ever believe your home was clean.  You try to catch a shot for proof.

Sherry came over and spent about all day with me.  I wish I had before pictures of my office.  (Just insert "Hoarders" here and you can imagine.  When they came to scout our home this was where I threw everything without a home.  You couldn't walk in it.)

She took everything out, organized and put it back in (beautiful) order.  I am so thankful for her help!

She really is like a mentor, too.  She's been designing for fifteen years, and been published often, so she has so much information to share and I am like a little sponge when I'm with her.  She gives me tips on what she does with clients, shows me hidden resources in Atlanta and spends hours with me in ADAC.  Why?  She is just that kind of a person.  While she was working I was trying to organize, but mostly I was pulling out old tear-sheets and saying, "Look, Sherry!  Couldn't you eat this room?"  She would oblige and then continue cleaning up my crap.

I am not a real fan of color-coded books in libraries, but LOVE them in an office!  So calming on the eye.

Why didn't I think of putting lamp shades with lamp shades?

And Elle Decor with Elle Decor and Country Home with Country Home?  This decorator is so happy.

She even pulled out a roll of burlap from her trunk and cut me a runner for my desk on the spot.  (I'll get a  pic next time.)

It is weird (and good) being in the house alone.  I won't lie.  

I pulled out my heavy, velvet blanket...

Found Julia on demand...(little tidbit here.  I used to teach at Campbell High School where she went.  I even taught English with her former teacher, Mrs. Romanchuk.  Some good stories there.)

Found another friend....

And one of my best friends.


And about Jill Brinson--I am such a dork.  How did I not know that the photographer, Rob Brinson, is married to her and lives in this home?  I just didn't put two and two together.

Sherry told me this.  I hope I can act a little normal around him.  His wife has perfect taste--there are not many homes where I love everything about it.  

You know this home....forget football and pie, here is your after turkey snack:

Can you pick a favorite from this kitchen?  I think the lights and the windows.  And this table/island?!  What do you love?

(All from Housebeautiful.com)

And next time I'll be posting it will be from milkandhoneyhome.com (almost done)

Enjoy your families today...I'm off to the lake to kiss my boys.   



  1. Have a great Thanksgiving. How lucky to have a friend like that to help you out so much....send her my way :)

  2. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


  3. two beautiful homes! I love how Jill has different moldings around the doors in that one shot. such an interesting touch!

  4. Happy Thanksgiving Julie! I hope you and your sweet family enjoy your day!
    Hugs girl!

  5. Happy Thanksgiving! I'm jealous of your organization and clean home. Can't tell you the last time mine was fully picked up, but I'm thankful for the two little ones that make it feel so lived in. Beautiful post, such a great blog!

  6. Julie...you are too sweet! I was happy to help and enjoyed spending time with you in your absolutely adorable house!!! Can't wait to see it [in all of it's glory] on the pages of BH&G!!!!!

  7. Happy Thanksgiving Julie! A clean and organized home also makes me happy. Enjoy your day!

  8. happy thanksgiving, julie! I love me some Sherry, too. I just wish I lived a little closer to you two - I'd be your groupie and follow you two around all the time!

    best wishes on the shoot! love ya'! donna

  9. Where do I start? You and Sherry are both amazing and I'm so glad you got to "clean" together! You are both long distance mentors to me whether you realize it or not! ;-)

    Office looks fab. LOVED this post. All of my boys are gone tonight, even though we are traveling, and I'm enjoying the quiet.

    Thankful for you!!

  10. Great Post! You home looks lovely, sometimes you just have to kick boys out to get anything done. ( = How lucky you are to have a mentor to learn from like that! I'm still looking for mine. Also, thanks for the "dessert." It is definitely a treat!

  11. Happy belated Thanksgiving! Hope you had fun at the lake. Sherry is a DOLL - hanging out with the two of you is the best!