18 November 2010

I still love Cottage Living

and I still find so much inspiration in its rooms.  Do you?

The chairs.  The candles.  The toile panels.  Perfection.

Love the contrast of the bold floor and bold pendants with the white walls and sunny windows.

that ceiling!  love.

remember this feminine house?

This is our local community, Serenbe, south of Atlanta.  Next time you are in town it is worth the drive out there.  Such a utopia.

And lastly....is there much better than rows of metal bins in a kitchen?  

Have a good Thursday.  I'm off to finish cooking my contribution to the feast at 6 in the morning.  Oh, the things you do as a mom you never dreamed you would do.  Like making hearty casseroles before you've had your morning coffee and saying things like, "Liam, get that enema out of your mouth!"  Don't you wish we had a recording of all the ridiculous things we say and they?!  Julie

And Anisa is getting her wisdom teeth out today, bless her heart!  Please say a prayer for her.  


  1. I agree with you on Cottage Living. I kept all of my old issues. Every now and then, I grab a stack and sift through them. Bliss.


  2. Just this week. I pulled out my stash of cottage living. (I too kept everyone)And perused
    through a few. I love the timeless style they always shared. The classic combinations!
    And the reason for this little journey for me is my inspriration for my kitchen is still...in one of these magazines!
    Never dated!
    I will pray for Anisa...no fun no matter how old you are!
    Have a blessed day!

  3. Cottage Living is THE BEST!
    <3 Cara
    PS. Did you get a chance to enter this Giveaway!?!

  4. Love Cottage Living and that community near you looks so pretty! Good luck to Anisa- wisdom teeth...no fun. Have a great day!!

  5. oh dear. you had to bring this up.

    i really do miss cottage living. all the best ones are gone. :( i wonder how they didn't survive when is seems that so many loved and miss them??

  6. That first image is my favorite. I love toile (still) and I don't care that I don't see it much anymore. It's a classic!

    Poor Anisa!--said a prayer.

    I was crack-ing-up at your mommy paragraph. Story of my life! Boyz...

  7. There hasn't been anything even close to Cottage Living. I think Heather Chadduck is AMAZING! She is at Coastal Living now but that magazine is still nothing compared to Cottage Living.

  8. I have all of the issues of Cottage Living saved. I still look through them when I need some inspiration. Domino too!

  9. What a pretty neighborhood! I would love to see it sometime. Have a great day!

  10. still my all time favorite magazine. miss it so much. i mean REALLY miss it. still love toile even though i think people are over it. not me. hope you're having a good week.

  11. I miss it so much. I occasionally pull out my pile and go through each one while drinking a glass of wine. It's one of my favorite things to do!

  12. I got my House Beautiful today and saw they featured the town house of the Serenbe co-founders. Very cool. And yes, RIP, Cottage Living. I still remember one of my favorite features of an interior designer in Birmingham with a blended family. Very Brady Bunch but with a better aesthetic! I've got it one of my big inspiration files somewhere.

  13. I always love the photos you post!
    Hope your doing great girl!

  14. Oh how I miss Cottage Living. It was my absolute favorite magazine. I remember when they featured a house that was in Serenbe and I love, love, loved it. This spring I saw that it was for sale and was begging my husband to buy it :)

  15. I still have all of my old Cottage Living magazines!! I was so depressed when it folded... Do you think there's any chance that it'll ever come back to life??