22 November 2010

kitchens & being thankful

Hey Brandi, this one is for you.....

So last week I was writing about kitchens and how I'm thinking that we will be seeing a lot more of rustic wood kitchens soon.  Just like life:  you say something then you see it everywhere....

In Southern Living & House Beautiful this month I saw examples of this.  Southern Living featured a kitchen with loads of reclaimed wood and House Beautiful's cover is a natural wood tone as well.

I do kinda hate trends, but they are inevitable.  And this is my prediction for the next few years, at least.

This is from Bobby McAlpine's book via South of Market

And this rustic island is actually the inspiration for our client's kitchen:

And another kitchen from House Beautiful....rustic walls.

I am very sorry it is sideways  (there is no way to rotate after uploading, right?)  If you turn your head you will see the wood island and the wine barrel chandelier.

I love this look, though, because I think it will stand the test of time.  (I also think white kitchens will, too!)  I recently watched Woody Allen's Crimes & Misdemeanors for the first time--and I was in awe of how timeless and not dated Woody Allen's character's NY apartment was.  It was natural wood.  It looked so simple against all of the hard, angular '80s decor in the rest of the film.

But what I also think we will be seeing more of is tables in lieu of large islands.  I think because of our downturned economy and because of the "trend" to eat at home and eat locally (which I hope is here to stay!!  I wish I would never see another McDonalds again.), having a warm & intimate eat-in kitchen is something that is definitely not going away anytime soon.

a cozy eat-in kitchen (sorry--don't have the source.  Please email me if you do!)

And even though this kitchen is white, you have so much warm wood with the ceiling and the table (and no large island!)  (House Beautiful or Elle Decor?  forgive me I forgot.)

Another shot of the House Beautiful kitchen.  

(I promise to take a picture of my mom's kitchen when she lets me.  She has a table in the middle instead of an island and it is kinda fun to sit at the table and prepare a meal together...and easy on the legs.)

And if we are dreaming about eat-in kitchens....I can envision a warm, wood kitchen with this Currey & Co. green pendant over the table:

This farm table

(White Flower Farmhouse)

And this table surrounded by these....

Design Within Reach

It may sound tacky, but I know it would be lovely.


I want to say I am thankful for all of you this Thanksgiving...and I am also thankful for some true friends I have been lucky enough to discover through this blog (Sherry, Ally & Seleta).  Sherry is even coming over to help me clean up before the shoot--who does that?

Have a great week and I will see you back at the end of the week with a new blog!  With client now asking to see a portfolio, I figured it was time for a little makeover.

Happy Thanksgiving.....Julie

(Also---anonymous:  our kitchen shelves are 12 inches deep, and Dina, yes, please come to the design blogger dinner!!  It is open to design lovers, too :)  If you ever have a question make sure to give me your email address so I can respond.


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  2. I think the table and blue chairs are perfect. I love the modern and rustic.

  3. Love the images! When I saw that one from Southern Living a few days ago I instantly thought " Yep! Julie was right!"

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


  4. I LOVE a table vs an island...I've always wanted that. Seems very European to me; at least I always see that in movies set over there :)

    Happy Thanksgiving, Julie! xoxo

  5. Very nice kitchens. After our floors are refinished we are replacing the builder cabinet island with a old piece of furniture. Hopefully it all turns out well! I found the piece and love it - just hoping the paint I choose will look good!

  6. Yay! Thanks for posting, I wanted to see more! I think my favorite is the kitchen with the green tiles, so nice. have a wonderful thanksgiving!

  7. What I like about the tables is that they are multipurpose, you can move them, and they aren't precious: a man/boy doesn't have to worry too much about scratching, breaking or otherwise, messing them up.

  8. Love these inspiration pics! Happy Monday!

  9. Great prediction.....natural elements are making a huge comeback...reclaimed wood...etc! You are too young to be that smart :) Can't wait to see the new site either...

  10. I love a little bit of rustic/natural wood. I think it can blend seamlessly in different decors. And I think I saw a similar modern chair on LGN recently and it was from Kmart (I think). Go check it out.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  11. P.S. - Can't wait to see the new look - I know it will be fab!

  12. I was just thinking that as I flipped through Southern Living yesterday in the car. That rustic kitchen was so neat!

  13. So many things to comment on! One, I soooo wanted to get rid of my island and move our table to the center of the kitchen but the designer lady said no such luck- not enough room:( I love the look and think it makes for such a warm, inviting kitchen. Two, I love your moodboard/inspiration picture for your clients- nice work lady! Next, that green chady is perfection and the Eames chairs/harvest table would definitely NOT be tacky- gorgeous! Finally, have a great week and good luck with the shoot! I can't wait to hear all about it!!! Oh and can't wait to see the blog makeover too:) See...so much to talk about here! xo

  14. the currey & co. pendant - OMG!!!! I hope you have a client you can use that with (or hey, buy it for yourself) - looks so amazing with the farmhouse table and blue chairs. Can't wait to see your new spiffed up blog design. Sure to be fabulous!!

  15. Great post. I am excited to see your new blog.
    I am doing some fun giveaways over at my blog this week.

  16. Bobby McAlpine can do no wrong in my book...that kitchen is perfection!

  17. i am droooooling over that first picture. great post. thanks for sharing.

  18. Of course I agree with you. I think the rustic/reclaimed look is here to stay. I especially love the white kitchen with the warm wood ceiling and farmhouse table!

    If you want to send me that green pendant for Christmas I wouldn't complain. ;-)
    Have a GREAT Thanksgiving!!xoxo

  19. Great photos. I love things with a little mix. Hope you have a good Thanksgiving :)

  20. Julie, lots of new and exciting things going on for you! I will so check in on Monday!

    Yes, I agree that we will see more cozy eating areas. Not only because of the economy but frankly because of the technology insanity. We only connect as robots. No touch and feel! The meal times with real people will become more sacred.

    A farm table with Eames chairs is on my wish list too. And Panton chairs.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your beautiful family.

    You are are gem in blog land.

    ox, Mon

  21. Just found your blog through Design Refuge... love it! I think the green chandelier with the blue chairs would be stunning!