01 November 2010

Rachel McAdams' Glam Living Room (imagined)

The other day I was asked the question, "What kind of rooms do you dream of designing?"  

I couldn't help but admit I do dream of decorating rooms where the sky's the limit with resources and freedom.

I have loved Rachel McAdams ever since The Notebook.  She just has something--beauty, humilty, and that smile.  

I can't wait to see her new movie Morning Glory.

Here is a living room I imagine for a young and single starlet.....(she is single, right?  I can't keep up)

I know there is a lot going on here, but sometimes I think a room can handle a lot if you keep the colors fairly muted and neutral.

The mirror and the shell sconces on the top right would go above her mantel.  

The bookcase/cabinet in the back would be covered in the white and gray floral wallpaper you see on the top shelf.

The ceiling would be the blue/gray paint color you see on the far left.  I would paint her window panes the deep Orion Gray (Ralph Lauren paints).  

The walls would be BM's Decorators White for that crisp, true white.  The twist is I would have them be high gloss (similar to the picture below from Decorpad)

In the picture moulding beneath her imagined chair rail in her living room would be filled with the deep gray floral wallpaper you see on the left of the design board.

Oh, and these would be her floors!  (below, from Greige)

Hope you had a good Halloween!  We had a blast...Chris carted two little firemen around the 'hood.  These years when they are young are so precious!

If you want help creating the room you dream about, I can help you by creating a design board just for you & your family.  ($150 or $250, depending upon the room--you can view my design services on the tab above under the header.)

One more matter of business--Lavish! has added Jillian St. George from HGTV.com to our session panel.  I do hope you are coming.

All the best......Julie


  1. Gorgeous board!! I love every singe thing and the idea of glossy white walls is so yummy. I love the idea of the grey window trim- I've been wanting to paint mine out like that forever. I would kill for those parquet harringbone floors and the grey floral wallpaper is one of my favourites.
    Glad you had a great weekend- kids and Halloween is so fun- exhausting but fun xx

  2. The mirror and shell sconces are killer. Love the high gloss walls so that our good friend Rachel can see her pretty reflection in them. ;-) I love seeing what you dream up.

  3. I wish I were close enough to come. Love this design and I love her too!

  4. She is fabulous! And I am sure that she would love her new room.

  5. Julie, if you have a netflix queue you need to add "Slings & Arrows". It's a Canadian show from 5 or 6 years ago. Rachel was in the first season. She's great in it but I think you will LOVE the show (it's all about a Shakespearean theater troupe). It is really great. Check it out. Seriously.
    I really wish I were closer to attend too. Sounds like it's going to be fun/informative.

  6. Great post. I was taking a little break, and I missed your posts...just catching up. Looks like you've been busy.

  7. OH just love her... and The Notebook... isn't that the most romantic movie? And I usually don't get into that mushy stuff, but I love that one....

    Love those glossy walls! Those floors! Love the contrast of the glossy and rough..... awesome... :)


  8. What a gorgeous room!

    Glad the boys had fun!

  9. Love what you've got going on here! I completely agree about being able to mix a ton of patterns, textures, etc. when they are all in the same monochromatic scheme.