15 November 2010

In Memoriam Week: Domino

This week I'm taking a little blogging break of sorts....I'm just too slammed, to be honest.  Here's my week-at-a-glance:  (by the way, have you ever seen Martha's month-at-a-glance at the beginning of her magazine?  Are you kidding me?  And the crazy thing is--I bet she actually completes that list.)

+ get the house clean.  I mean really clean (dust under chairs, wipe baseboards, touch-up paint that matchbox cars have scratched in the kitchen, etc.) because the shoot is the 29th and 30th!!  I can't wait, but if you saw this home at the moment you would laugh at me if I told you BH & G was coming in two weeks.  (Anyone live in Atlanta and want to help me out?  Come on over.  I have wine....and strong coffee...and popsicles.)

+ get the Rue article finished.  One down, one to go.

+ work on design boards with Anisa for a client  (for kitchen, mudroom, dining room, hallway, master bedroom, master bathroom, living room, outdoor terrace living area, basement/ downstairs living room, front exterior.  Of course I am thrilled to be working on this!!!  but this is a lot of work.

+ cook for Thanksgiving feast for the boys' mothers morning out party this Thursday.

+ cook for our own Thanksgiving--we will be going to my mother-in-law's lake house at Lake Lanier next week.

+ work on finalizing the paperwork & architect plans for our Airstream barn/ cottage in our backyard.

I guess like Cher says, "I'll sleep when I'm dead."

So here is my segue to honoring those magazines who have passed away.  I want to share some of my favorite images from the magazine holy trinity--Domino, Cottage Living, and Country Home.

                                            Let's begin the week with Domino......

Definitely ahead of its time.  The simple subway tiles laid in a herringbone pattern, the pops of robins' egg blue in the pendants, shelf brackets and plates.  The wall-mounted oil-rubbed bronze faucet, the long & modern cabinet pulls and the eco-friendly dishwasher (wash 1/2 a load or a full load if you wish to conserve water and energy).  And how Julia Child of them to install a utilitarian and beautiful pot rack and coffee cups hooks under the bottom shelf?!  Love it in all its fantastic glory.

Have a great Monday!  Julie


  1. Good luck! I hope you can get it all done.

  2. 1. Photo shoot- amazing, incredible, can't wait to see and I'm sure your house will be in tip top shape by the time it rolls around- you should treat yourself as a reward for decorating a house that is now going to be in a magazine and get a cleaning service for the day:)
    2. Airstream trailer barn/cottage is making me crazy!!! I love airstreams like peanut butter and you're going to have one in your back yard- awesome!!

  3. Good luck with your to-do list!

    I'm thinking out loud here...I'm so confused about Country Home b/c I thought I read they were making a come-back but I guess not? Weird.

    p.s. I think you should bite the bullet and hire somebody to come in and clean. xoxo

  4. wow!
    What a to-do....I hope you make it to Ta-Da!
    I am with you on the mags...I so miss the good old days...a great magazine and a few minutes to myself!
    And your right...they were the best!
    Have a fabulous week!

  5. Good luck with that crazy to-do list! I need to make a couple of thank you cards before I leave in 20 minutes for Pierce's pre-K teachers. Nothing like waiting till the last minute! I'm sure you will get it all done with time to spare. Oh, and RIP, Domino - I miss you so!

  6. You always have something exciting going on! It's always exhausting to be busy but it's great when it's all things you are looking forward to. Have a great week!

  7. That herringbone subway tiling is so genius. Best of luck with all your tasks! They sound fun though :) xx

  8. Whew...that is quite a list! But all exciting projects to look forward to. Have fun!
    Oh, and I would help with the cleaning but if you saw my house you probably wouldn't want me to. :)

  9. that's quite the list, but sounds like mostly fun things!

  10. Forgot how much I love the subway tile in herring bone. Love it and good luck with your list. Tis the season :)

  11. Julie..goodluck with the week ahead. It will be all worth it when you are tucking into your Thanksgiving dinner next week. Just think the bonus to your list and schedule is that alot of it is designwork based and as it is one of your passions in life so you can whistle while you work!! Sinead x

  12. that's all? Ha, so just kidding. Have fun regardless.

  13. You sound busy, busy, busy. Good luck with all that :)

  14. here's hoping you get everything done that you want to. but don't sweat it. you're great just as is!

  15. Oh, friend I feel you on that whopper of a list. You've got your creative plate full. But I know you, you can do it. You can collapse later. How I wish I could come help you prep...you know I would!!!

    P.S. I really can't get enough of your backsplash.

  16. Oh my...now that's a list. Loving the photo!!

  17. Whoa there cowgirl! That is a mighty big list so I say sit a spell and have a glass of wine...then start :)