16 November 2010

eye candy: County Home Magazine

So on this Day II of honoring those who have gone before us, I must include Country Home Magazine.  Tiffany from Holiday, though, said that she heard Country Home is making a comeback.  Is this true?

I would love it if it were so, but when I bought what I thought was a new Country Home at Barnes & Noble a few months back, I felt a little gipped because it was just a "bookazine" reprint of homes I have already seen (and loved, mind you!).  If this news is true, please do fill us in someone!

But while we wait, here are a few images of the beloved magazine.  And, actually, the name is such a misnomer.  I find many modern touches and many edgy rooms in its pages.  Here are a few.  Do you still love this mag?

(Oh, and on my checklist--Rue article, done.  Living Room sketches and plan in head--done.  Aren't y'all so busy this time of year, too?  Thanks for your wellwishes....)

Do you remember this nook?  I find myself thinking of it often.  Like a room within a room.  And please check out the single metallic silver sconce on the right with a Swedish dining chair beneath.  Perfection.

Funky yellow wallpaper, mix of pattern on the bed, giant, inexpensive paper lantern.  Cool country.
(Hey, come to think of it, their website is up-and-running....maybe they are still in production?!)

banquette heaven (IKEA Saarenin knockoff)  Check out the floors!  What do y'all think these are?  

Doesn't this kitchen remind you of the one I posted yesterday from Domino?

Damask wallpaper with (most likely) ironstone platters simply adorning wall.  Love it.

Love a huge bedside table--like this (like a real table!)  And the three various damasks on the bed.  How simple and perfect  (Can't tell if the headboard is wood with a white stencil...you can find this stencil at Michael's and Hobby Lobby, BTW....or upholstered in damask-print fabric.)  Don't these mix of hues work?

And this wonderful kitchen.  I think the next wave of kitchens will be a barnwood-type wood cabinets.  I love my white kitchen, I do, and I wouldn't change a thing.  But I do think the next thing in kitchens will be reclaimed, chunky wood mixed with materials.  I think if Domino were still around this is what they would be doing next.  Oh, and I think no more huge islands (which I also have...and love).  I think only tables in kitchens in lieu of islands or two "islands"....one for storage and one table for eating.  Forgive this tangent, just been on my mind lately)

Today I'm proudly wearing my graphite Hunter boots because there is finally rain in Atlanta!!  Hoorah! Julie


  1. I agree, I love Country Home so much and agree that the name is a little misleading! I hope it's true that it's coming back. I miss it so.

  2. Before I start any false rumors, I went digging into Eddie Ross's archives because it was back in July that he posted about it but now I can't find it at all...not even in reader. I, too, saw the bookzine that they put out in September and wondered if that was what they were talking about (I had also read about the September comeback elsewhere). Much ado about nothing, I suppose! Very strange b/c they made it sound like the monthly magazine was returning after a year and a half hiatus, not just a bookzine. I need more coffee...

  3. Just found this...so perhaps it's back on a quarterly basis?


  4. It is a mystery to me, but love love love that teeny stainless stove, too cute.

  5. At first glance I thought that zigzag floor was just a painted floor, but then I saw some hardwood peeking out. So, now I'm thinking it might be a painted floorcloth? Or maybe just a fabulous flatweave rug I've never seen.

    That orange and blue is reminding me of a new color combo I'm working on in my blue-gray dining room. I'm adding rust orange velvet curtains. Must say I'm loving them.

    And I need some Hunter boots. My TJ Maxx rainboots got ruined in the Nashville flood in May.

  6. Interesting to hear your prediction about kitchen trends. I would love to see some examples in pictures. That would be a good post!

  7. OH I love that banquette! Blue and green really get me these days.... I would love to see some more reclaimed wood being used in kitchens.... adds such a warm touch.


  8. love that last kitchen, Julie. I'm right with you there...

  9. Country Home was my absolute, hands-down favorite. Oh how I wish they'd come back!

    Great inspiration pics...the first one is my fave. I have it saved somewhere :)

  10. I loved that magazine! And I agree...country with a touch of modern or country for today!

  11. I really love that kitchen. We're getting ready to re-do ours but I'm not sure I could long term commit to the barn-style cabinets even though I think they're fab!!

  12. We have just decided to gut and renovate our little one bedroom apartment on Newbury St. in Boston. These are going strait in to the design file! Love them