12 November 2010

a little peek at Rue & color inspiration

Don't you love white milk glass and woven baskets in an antique locker?

I have only seen the two spaces I'm writing about, and they are so lovely and unique--I can't wait to see the rest.  It will be out soon!

Okay, and Anisa and I LOVED meeting our prospective client yesterday.  You can tell they are a kind and warm family and that is exactly what kind of home they want to create:  a warm one!

Here are some colors we are thinking about....

maybe some deep, smoky gray cabinets in the kitchen  (they say they want this remodel to last them 20 years, so we want to stay away from trends as much as we can)

Down Pipe  Benjamin Moore

I know this blue/gray paint is cool color, but for the ceilings cool will work to elongate the rooms

Palladian Blue   Benjamin Moore

a good teal will be a great accent color (especially for painting the back of some dining room built-ins)

Sea Star    Benjamin Moore

In this mid-century brick ranch you will find the original sunny yellow-tiled bathroom!  It really is groovy and they want to keep it  (the kids love it!)  We think we can make it tie in with the rest of the home.  One way will be to incorporate this sunny and warm color as an accent in the rest of the home.

Golden Honey    Benjamin Moore

But the main inspiration photo she showed us is of a very warm living room with some wonderful and luxurious orange velvet seating.  We think we have to make their dreams come true and bring in some orange!

Corlsbud Canyon    Benjamin Moore

a room quite similar to the one below from My Home Ideas

(And of course you know we encouraged some white!  We are thinking Benjamin Moore's Navajo White for the walls....a bright yet warm cream.

And for your Friday, here is a song I would love to share with you that gets playtime in the Holloway House..the band is called Luna and we really love them.  This song always reminds me of the weekend Chris and I met flying up to New York.....enjoy.   Julie


  1. now if only i can get my hands on that locker for my mud room! Happy weekend!
    <3 Cara
    Lilac and Grey

  2. Looks greatt the sneak peek for Rue and your clients house sounds like an amazing project. Have a great weekend now Miss Long Lashes Julie!!....Sinead x

  3. I can see that whole house in my head and the colors are going to be awesome! Can't wait to see the process and after pics. Enjoy your weekend!

  4. I love your color choices! Can't wait for Rue!


  5. I really love the idea of the smoky cabinets paired with the different blues. Can't wait to see it all together. That coral-orange color is awesome too!

  6. Awesome colors!!! I can't wait so see the progress.

  7. Gorgeous colors... going to listen to the song.. need some new music, like bad!
    And a little jealous of you're gorgeous eyelashes below!

  8. Love your choices, of course. That inspiration pic with the sofa looks a lot like the colors I have in my home!

  9. The colours are going to look beautiful and I'm still drooling over that locker and milk glass. Have a super weekend! xo

  10. yes I do love the milk glass with the natural wovens and the dark grey metal. so unexpected and great!

    Love the grey wall color you chose and the blue ceiling color. Our kitchen ceiling is a soft blue and we love it! xo

  11. I would love to see their yellow bathroom---I have such a WEAKNESS for midcentury ranch. Have fun on the job!

  12. Great paint selections. Have a great weekend!

    Amy R.

  13. Oh I just found your blog and iit´s so amazing! And your house, unbelievable! I adore that table you have in your "office" :)

    Sofié from Finland

  14. Julie the locker is beautiful!! Fun paint choices to make, I would stay away from Navajo white , only because it seems so overused!


    Art by Karena

  15. Love the colours you've chosen and grey cabinets seem like a great idea!

  16. I love that grey! And I very much dislike milk glass but you have put a new spin on it giving it new life and now making me covet a cabinet full of it...THanK yOu!