17 November 2010

Photographer for BH & G Shoot

So I received a few more details about the upcoming shoot.  I still can't believe it!

I learned the photographer will be a local, Rob Brinson.  Please look at how talented he is!

(and look at this floor--I'll come back to it in a minute)

dead palm leaf

long drive

white barn

julie silo bending

No words needed for these photographs!

Back to the yellow zigzag rug--Did you get your email from One Kings Lane today?  Lee Kleinhelter is featured today.  Oh, I wish I had some extra cash lying around.

this is for sale!

what a great dining table

side table


I know I post about her often, but I love that most of her items truly are one-of-a-kind.  Reinventing an antique will ensure no one else will have one like you!  It is just like when Julia Roberts wore that black and white vintage Armani when she won the Oscar for Erin Brockovich.  She wasn't in fear of anyone having the same dress on as her--a true original.

Forgive the cheesiness--but you be original today!!



  1. Beautiful photos! I love that one of the white barn. Where have a seen the second one? Those blue doors are familiar.

    Have a great day!


  2. I am seriously considering that rug...i just don't know where to put it :/
    <3 Cara
    Beau Ideal Giveaway going on..come check it out!

  3. How excited are you???? His pictures are stunning and your house is going to look amazingly fantastic in the magazine! I also saw that rug yesterday and loooved it- it's a good think OKL doesn't ship to Canada or I might have been in BIG trouble! xo

  4. You must be over the moon about your photo shoot - SO exciting! Too funny, I just blogged about the OKL sale last night and Lee. Love her style, although even at a discount I can't afford much of her stuff. Bummer.

  5. Don't we all wish we had some extra cash lying around? I bet he'll do a great job photographing your home!

  6. No cheese--just truth! :-)

    That rug makes me cry I love it so much. And that photographer? Forget about it! He's going to do your house justice and I can hardly stand the wait!

    P.S. I'm passing along your baby shower/prayer tree post today.

  7. Julie, so excited for you!! I completely drooled over the OKL Lee Kleinhelter's sale....so beautiful!

  8. Oh my gosh Julie, it just keeps getting better and better...I can't wait!!

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  10. I love Rob Brinson's work! He will make your home look cover worthy!!!!!

  11. Whoops...not that it isn't already :) Just sayin...he is really good!

  12. Catching up on all my blogs and wow! Love this photographer. You luck duck! Can't wait to see the end results.