13 September 2010

Lee Kleinhelter, The Atlantan & The Mark Hotel

You know, I guess I don't get out enough.  I don't know why
I haven't read Atlanta's newest magazine (well, new to
me, anyway) The Atlantan.  I did see a copy in the condo
I stayed in the other week near Seaside Beach, but I never
got around to reading it....(too busy with The Help, eating
sushi, and taking pictures!)

All I have to say is I'm in the Lee Kleinhelter Owner of Pieces, Inc.
fan club.  I am sure you are, too.  Seriously, what impresses
me the most about her was how she was so true to herself at 
such a young age.  I mean, she had to be in her 20s when I first
saw her in Cottage Living.  You know, she made some bold
choices and definitely went against the grain.  At 37, I can
say I trust my gut so much more now and am coming more
into my style...how cool that she trusted that voice at that
age.  It does pay off to be yourself, huh?

Again, too tired to dig up pictures of her interiors.  You can 
click on "Lee K" under my labels.  I am busy now because
I'm writing another piece for Rue!  Yes, I have brown circles
under my eyes and Liam got out his toy computer last night
and put it on his lap "to be like mommy"...but c'est la vie.  You
only live once, right?  And the boys are just fine.

Okay, I'll leave you with images from The Mark Hotel in the NY, where
Lee particularly likes the lobby (she says in The Atlantan).

The Mark...designed by Jacques Grange 

I wonder what I could big on Priceline for one of these beauties?  Chris
and I need a getaway to NY.  You know, we met on a plane while we
were going to NY?  Yes, he sat down next to me and I knew it...just like that!



  1. Definitely a Lee K fan too!! Wow, love that hotel - will make a note - MUST GO w/husband. Good luck w/all your endeavours!!

  2. What a wonderful hotel!! Must try the next time I'm in NY...

  3. I'm in love with that bathroom!!!!! I want that striped umbrella!

  4. would love to visit there! have fun writing.

  5. Very nice hotel. Great stripes! Weren't you lucky on that plane!

  6. I love her...haven't been into her store in Atlanta...gonna try when I head down for the Country Living Fair in October (if we have time to squeeze it in!)

  7. What a cute story to meet on a plane! I wish I could trust my gut more. I'm still young though, someday right?

  8. I particularly LOVE the WHOLE Mark Hotel and Lee is stunning and crazy talented. Isn't her portrait by Atlanta photographer Sara Dorio simply ethereal?!!

    Please tell us when your article goes up, looking forward to reading it (and seeing the purple chairs you mentioned in your client's bfast nook!!)

  9. That's a wonderful love story - le coup de foudre - love at first site! You sound so busy. Take care of yourself. You can't do anything if you run yourself down.

  10. what a great love at first sight story! now that's a trip you'll never forget! love this hotel :)

  11. Great Hotel, and what a great story of how you met your husband! Stay busy and congrats on the articles....can't wait to read them!

  12. The bathroom in that hotel is divine, I live in Brooklyn and here I am thinking that maybe I need a little get-away to New York (after seeing these hotel photos!). Ha!
    Please share more about how you and your husband met on a plane, sounds so romantic!

  13. Well it's settled then! You are going! I think meeting on the plane on your way to NY need to be celebrated, lol.

  14. Looks really cool .... How sweet you met on a plane to NY .... you have to go there and spend a romantic weekend together!

    Thank you for your sweet comment ... I might do a home tour one of these days ...


  15. Have I mentioned how excited I am for you?? ;-)
    Yes it always pays to be yourself, but the trick is to *know* yourself. Right?

    Amazing that you met Chris on a plane!

  16. writing for rue? you lucky gal. how do I get a job like that...?