07 September 2010

Reader's Home Before & After

Well, y'all...it is officially fall.  Yay!!  For many of you was this the hottest summer ever?  I think it was for me.  Yesterday we opened the windows and doors...there is not much better than that first breeze of fall air.  I know that most find spring the most hopeful season with all the new buds springing up from the cold earth.  For some reason, though, I feel most encouraged by fall:  new colors on the trees, college football booming from the tv and new supplies for back to school.  Okay, as usual I digress.

Please see a great Los Angeles interior designer's renovation.  Jessica Davis and her husband have taken their unique home (filled with nooks, crannies and even a hidden door!) and taken it into this decade.  This girl has style and is in the running to win a design contest.  Please go to her blog to vote!

Eagle's Nest Design

(what is it about renovating and blogging?  They go together like peanut butter & jelly.  I think it is such an arduous experience that you just have to show the outcome!)

Before:  dark ceiling, brown moulding...let's face it--a pretty dark room.

new furniture, new light fixture, black moulding (love it!)
against a white ceiling, and no 
window treatment which really allows the sun to pour in

Before:  dated furniture & fan

now--check out that great paint color & headboard.  Wow!  And those
grand lamps really complement it.

Before:  no love given to the patio

Now: after much love....and water

lovely outdoor living space

Here too!  I think I would live out here (especially
with California's weather!)

The office before...

and now  (can't lighting do wonders?)

And of course, like all of us, the home is a work in progress.
They started on the bathroom this weekend so I can't wait to see
how they've changed it.

Here are few more pictures of their work:

I love that you see the same pops of blue and coral/orange
throughout the home....

All the best....Julie


  1. love the dining area and the multiple retaining walls in her yard. She really has a great taste. Will now visit her blog.

  2. Thanks Julie! Will definitely send you more pics as it progresses. And please vote for our house in the CB2 Selby Contest! http://www.theselbycontest.com/entry/74306

  3. Great transformation! Lighting certainly does wonders!

  4. That outdoor porch is amazing! I love before and after shots!!

  5. Wow, what a great job they have done! =)

  6. I just love the living room. I could spend all my days on that patio!