14 September 2010

what I want

T Foley Studios

I want for us to be able to build our little Airstream barn soon.  We're gonna put it in the backyard..with a wood studio for Chris (his real love), some spot for me to create and a mudroom & playspace for the boys.  We hope to start this fall.  I want it for Chris--a man really need a place that is totally his, right?

I want us to get in our little Bambi and drive to the Oregon coast.  I'll take y'all with me.
Maybe we can take off in November (the best thing about the film industry)

I want you not to laugh at the self-portrait I had to snap for Rue because Chris was working and I don't know how to do self-timer and Liam can't work this (only 3).  I had to take it in the mirror.  The only other pictures I have of me are phone pics, so of course they are low res.

The best thing is being able to put yourself out there a little.  People choose that, right?  But Rue isn't even out yet and blogworld can be tough.  But like my mema said, "If ain't nobody talking about you it means you ain't doing nothing."  (Apartment Therapy has posted the cover...the said toughness are its commenters...commentors?)

I want to look back when I have her years behind me and smile for trying.  I want to wear bad ass clothes, too.  

I want to throw an outdoor party for some of our bestest this fall.  Just like this.  I'm stringing up a chandelier, wearing a fancy dress, and drinking lots o' wine.

some of the bestest--don't somedays you really appreciate your friends?

and here--my Cori smoochin' my Wy.  Cori's about to have her third.  Love you, girl.  Y'all are what it's about.

Read Rue Thursday....you're gonna die at some of the rooms.  Really.  This Dallas home....so original.  Don't you love that?



  1. I LOVE the picture!! It's candid and fun and you look very lovely! Angie xo

  2. Love those earrings! Can't wait for Thursday! :)


  3. This is a GREAT post. You do your best. and FORGET the rest.

  4. Can I just tell you I love you! Your are real, and that's what I like! I'll be reading on Thursday! =)

  5. What a sweet post... sounds like we want a lot of the same things :) I'll definitely be checking out Rue on Thursday, along with the rest of the blogosphere!

  6. ohmygosh - are you going to be in Rue? how exciting! can't wait! you look adorable, by the way.

  7. do you really have an airstream? i'm so jealous if you do! i just did a post on them this week.

  8. Yeah! Thursday will be here before you know it. Love the pic...candid is the way to go...it's real! Hope you celebrate this weekend with all your bestest's!! Congrats!

  9. Love your pic and how brilliant to take it in a mirror!
    We're dying to build a garage that will house our kayaks, bikes, a wood shop and a creative space too - actually one exactly like you showed would be perfect! love the lighting on it - they look just like the ones we just put up on our home! :)

  10. You look great in the picture! No worries. And anyone that says otherwise is jealous. Pure and simple. I love your idea about an Airstream barn. That would be awesome.

  11. just more reasons to love you...!

    I woke up this morning thinking it was 'Rue' day and I checked everywhere. nothing. Then I realized it's tomorrow....

    all the best wishes in everything, babe. we're with ya.

    Love, Donna

  12. My brother had a 27 foot airstream that he's selling. My mom reupholstered and made new curtains for the inside with retro prints. Wish he could keep but it's too big for their driveway. You would make it so cute for a little workshop. Can't wait to read your articles in Rue!

  13. Julie, you're so funny....seriously, I, too, love how 'real' you are! BTW, my husband loves wood working too and would die to have his own space. Right now, I've taken over the only space he has (the basement) b/c it is where I store all my tag sale/store finds for our supposedly 'next house'. The poor guy......