02 September 2010

Yellow and Gray Love: guest post by Abby and her Boys

Hi! This is Abby from abby & her boys, and I am just thrilled to be guest posting for Julie today! When I found her blog I felt like a broken record, because every comment was "I LOVE IT!" She has great taste! Don't you think?

Yellow and gray are everywhere right now. I think it is such a beautiful color palette, both calming and sophisticated, but I admit I have been resisting. But then I saw this and fell in love:

I am officially giving in to yellow and gray!! Here is the inspiration board I created, starting with the bootie. I could not stop! Just click on the board to see each item and the source.

giving in to yellow and gray

Have you given in to this trend? How will you be bringing yellow and gray into your space? I'd love to hear what you think!
Thanks for spending some time with me today!

Thanks so much, Abby! Please visit her warm and fun blog at Abby & Her Boys! Julie


  1. Oh my gosh, those shoes are fabulous. I'm trying not to shop, and you're not helping!! :)

    I do love the yellow and gray combo.

  2. sweetheart. you had me at that gray sofa. LOVE.

  3. Love that sofa!

    and I love Julie's blog as well! She is great!

  4. I have been obsessed with all things yellow and gray too. It's such a great combo. I heart your blog.

  5. Great Post. Lurve the shoes and jacket.

  6. Those shoes are perfect for fall, thanks for introducing us to a great blogger!

  7. just found your blog via a comment you left at eddie ross.

    if that is your kitchen in your title it is stunning! if it's not ... well it's still stunning and i love your style.

    can't wait to dig in to your blog.

    and your husband sorta looks like jake gyellenhaal in that pic!