30 September 2010

more link love

Sorry my friends....no pictures today, either.  I figured out why my pictures weren't loading, though.  You get to a point where you have to pay to load more.  I don't mind--I wonder how they made their money.  I should be able to do"normal" posting tomorrow....not that I really have a structure anyhow.

These are mostly for da locals, but the first link all of you should enjoy.  Neel Reid built some amazing homes in Atlanta (many in the Druid Hills area....remember Driving Miss Daisy?  Her home is in Druid Hills.  My mom lives in this area near Emory University, so I am particularly fond of its homes.  If you click on the Neel Reid link you will see a home tour (by the AJC) of homeowners David Duncan and his wife, Gretchen.  They have great taste in their decor choices, too.

Neel Reid Tour in the Atlanta Journal & Constitution

The next link is for charity.  I happen to go to the same church as Jeff Foxworthy, and this is one of several events he has done for those in need.  He and his family do missions in Africa, but the particular event below is for children...specifically those in need of foster families.  It is the evening of October 28th.

Jeff Foxworthy's Backyard Bash

I am planning to attend this book signing below....I am a sponge for any event design-related.  I want to soak it all in.

David Easton's Homes at Phoebe Howard's shop, October 27th 5-7 pm

If you live OTP like me (for non-Atlantans, it is outside-the-perimeter....and many deem tragically un-hip)  I love living in this area, though.
Crabapple Antiques & Fall Festival

Finally, as a family we're planning to attend Country Living's Fair October 22-24th.  If you're going email me...maybe we can meet up!

Country Living Fair at Stone Mountain Park

Happy Thursday.....Julie


  1. The homes in that tour are so beautiful and stately. Love the character.

  2. Hi Julie! Have you tried uploading your photos to flickr or photobucket? I use photobucket and then just transfer the link. My photos never look good when I upload them directly into blogger. Just a thought...

  3. Thanks for the links, gonna check them out! Yes, I am attending the Country Living Fair in October - although I admit it will not be a family affair for me (the hubs and kiddos are staying home)...just a girl's weekend with mom and sisters :) We will definitely have to meet up!!!

  4. I might try to hit up the Crabapple antiques if I can... Have you been before? Wondering if the prices are reasonable or high (like Scotts Antique Market). I actually grew up right near there.

  5. Ugh...that is so annoying to hear about blogger.

    I often wished I lived in ATL: my aunt lives in Dunwoody and my BFF in Buckhead. Also, when I was on staff at Mars Hill Bible Church I always heard great things about North Point. Fun that you go there!

  6. Well...I just learned something about uploading pictures. You mean they keep track of that stuff? News to me! Julie, I go to The Buckhead Church! Love Andy Stanley.

  7. what there is a point that you cant load more photos? How long have you been blogging?

  8. A little warning about the country living fair...My mom and I went to the Ohio one last weekend. Maybe Atlanta will be different, but it was really nothing more than booth after booth of country (and I mean COUNTRY) knick-knacks. No real antiques to speak of, which I was expecting more of. We had a great time regardless and ate our weight in kettle corn! Curious how yours will be...