03 September 2010

Falling into Gray & Gold: Guest Post by Good Good Gone Glad

Something about fall
makes me want to nest. Hi there, it's Jesse from Good Girl Gone Glad.
I am excited to be here at Milk and Honey Home. I adore Julie and
her fabulous style!

What is it about the change of the season that makes me 
want to dig into inspiration photos and rearrange and
just change things up a bit. 

Are you like me and love all of the gray floating around everywhere?
I have been adding more and more touches of it to my home.

What about those gorgeous gold mirrors! Like the one in Julie's eating area!
I keep trying to find a place to put one in my home!
Love them!
Can you look past all of the prettiness in the photo below to see the gold mirror
over the fireplace?

Or you could take that gold frame and make it a chalkboard.
Like in this gorgeous photo.
If this were my space, I don't think I would ever leave!
Gets my creative juices flowing! Does fall do that to any of you?



  1. woohoo! another gray fan! wonderful post and beautiful images. loved every bit of it!

  2. What gorgeous images! I feel the same way about fall. I always want to change things up and cozy up my house.

  3. Of course it does! I think things need to be refreshed now and then for sure!

  4. When I think of a metal to go alongside gray, I usually think of silver. I like the contrast of the gold beside the gray.

  5. It's yellow/gold and gray week at Milk and Honey! Was this a purposeful theme? If so, it's very organized, and I am impressed. Bravo!

  6. Wonderful images! I especially love the fixture on the unplggd photo. Can you believe the gray posts were not planned? We are just all *that* cool and hip! ;-)

  7. That is crazy that the color theme was unplanned! By the way, finally got to adding you to my blog roll. Enjoy the rest of your vacation and the long weekend!

  8. Lol! I know! I thought the same thing when we all posted about gray! I guess that just means we have good taste! You all have a great weekend!

  9. What great pictures. I just love gray!!!

  10. So pretty Jesse. I actually just picked up a few gray paint swatches. Now if I can just get it past my son without him noticing - or complaining. We will see. I'm liking gray and jewel blue tones right now!