16 September 2010

looking back

Yeah guys, no mantel post tonight.  I will though--I have to remember how busy I am and perhaps I need to say "maybe" to some things instead of "I will."  I also need someone to come over and give me a Mac lesson.  I love my Mac, but I have files everywhere and no organization.  I can't post the mantel pics because I didn't properly label or file anything and I have to email some people to see if what I think is their mantel is, in fact, theirs.

Anyway, did you see Rue?
If you didn't, please do check it out.  I think it is so good (okay, not my part--that's not 
what I'm saying)--but I think it is fun and interesting and good design and free!

What did you think?  

I just had to write a post because I (and Chris) really can't believe that I have written for Rue
and that...okay, I'll tell ya...a national magazine is taking scouting shots here next Friday.  I feel
like I'm in a dream world.  I am tickled and nervous and excited.  I have to share it with someone, why 
not you?

I just want to look back at about two years or so.  I dug up some old pictures.  The first, above, is one of the pictures (Cottage Living) that inspired our renovation.  I really had the cabinet guy model his work
on this picture.  I taped it up for him so he wouldn't forget.  I loved the simple beauty of it.  I do think big industrial vent hoods have their place, for sure, but in this home the attention needed to be elsewhere.

Here is the second picture that spawned the see-through in our kitchen.  The contractor kept trying to talk me into having that lip on the counter--more like a diner.  "No!", I kept demanding.  I wanted it flat, just like this.  I also wanted that extra storage in the supports, but it wasn't happening.

Here are some images that inspired us (read "me" and I encouraged Chris) to renovate instead of buying a house move-in ready.  I am so glad we did (and, boy, I had my heart set on a home that would have pushed us financially.  We tried to get it, but it sold before we could make an offer.  I am so glad, too.  Thank God this life isn't all up to me.  

                                                                       Country Home

(the majority of my inspiration came from Cottage Living, Country Home, and Swedish blogs as you know by now)

(side question:  Do you think these are just the PB thonet chairs painted white?  The barstools I got at the mart are on some ship from Brazil or something crazy and won't be here by next Friday.  I like these--do you?  I am getting that basement done!)

I just can't believe I wrote for Rue...really.  It is weird because my best friend since middle school always told me I should be writing for a magazine.  (I have been design/fashion obsessed since birth)

                                                      Isn't this room great?  I love looking back and seeing what I was drawn to then....then seeing some things come to fruition (like the Panton chair)

I was bursting with the design bug in our former home...I went pattern crazy.  It was fun, though.  You only live once (and just a day's work to repaint for staging)

I went way more vintage/boho/who knows in our other home.  I loved it, though--tons of blue and green.

Anyway, I just wanted to share my excitement with y'all.  It was just I had this desire for design so strong that I had to do something with it.  Haven't you felt that before?  I can only equate it to the desire to have a child.  What have you desired for?

And to the regular readers--thanks for your kindness and support.  You kick ass.  Julie


  1. Rue was amazing and so are you! It's such a hit, and I love watching people walk into their dreams. I know exactly what you describe in wanting to do design so badly. Enjoy every moment!

  2. i can't wait to go check out rue. congratulations!!!

  3. congratulations! I am so excited for you and I am dying to know what magazine it is.

  4. I'm excited for you too! Such a great magazine. And wow scouted for a magazine, what a dream! I'm going pattern crazy in our first home, I wonder if my style will evolve like yours? Who knows right?!

  5. Well, this has been some day for you! How exciting to be published in Rue and to have scouting shots of your house...fantastic!!

  6. Congratulations Julie! I can tell you are sooo excited :)

    On a totally separate note...you talked about your design inspirations...don't you just miss Cottage Living!? Oh how I loved that magazine.

  7. Julie as I have said before and it wont be the last time either..'You Rock'
    Well done to you for your article in RUE ..I shall head over and read it the article in RUE now..it was RUE wasnt it..mmmm Im sure you said RUE!!) HA HA-only teasing! Best wishes to you, your great hubby and lovely family.Keep on rocking!!...Sinead x

  8. Congratulations! You deserve all of this postive attention. You're talented, well-spoken and funny - perfect for writing articles :) I love seeing the images that influenced your remodel. We're probably going to be moving in a year or two, so I love seeing how you got to where you are today. Have a fabulous weekend!!

  9. Congrats! I loved Rue! Great job! How exciting for you! I know I would be over the moon! Fun to look back... to see how things or your taste may have changed... or not changed. Have a great weekend! Go out and celebrate! :)

  10. awesome news, babe! you totally deserve it. I am so proud and excited for you. just goes to show that if you do what you love - you'll shine. and you do. keep us posted...

    I am headed to NYC tomorrow to be a part of the design bloggers audience on The Nate Berkus Show taping. It will be total fun!

    Love to you! Donna

  11. Julie! How awesome....... that dreams do indeed come true! Nothing like a little validation to keep you on the path you so love. I know you must be feeling giddy and all smiley inside!
    Have a wonderful weekend...Sherry

  12. Just checked out Rue...loved it!!! Sounds like things are going tremendous for you - congrats sweetie!

  13. rue was fab, you are fab! your posts are fab! you know what i like most about your blog??? i feel like you write like you talk. now since we've never met i have no way of really knowing if that's the case. but when i read your posts it's like we are having a conversation. i love that! and you've got great taste - that doesn't hurt! good luck with the scouting. i would love to see your home in a magazine.

  14. so happy for you! rue was great! you are a wonderful & sweet person. good luck next week.

  15. Congratulations on Rue! It is the talk of the town and a complete success...I've even heard some say they like it better than...LONNY! (gasp!) I'm sure you are also following all of the chatter, so enjoy! Also congratulations on a national mag photographing your house! That's amazing. Luckily, I do know what it feels like to have your dreams come true, and it is an amazing feeling. Bask in it as long as you can, and be proud of what you have accomplished.

  16. Those kitchens look nice. I sure do hope that those designs matches up with each home’s design as a whole. But I agree with Steel Windows that a good kitchen space saves time and lifts your mood. I like the second kitchen best. They’ve mainly changed the cabinets and repainted it and it now looks superb. It just goes to show that with a little tweak and additions here and there, you can have a more organized kitchen.