11 September 2010

this is why I like being a decorator & giveaway winner & hodge podge

(another long one--thought it was going 
to be short but I was wrong)

....because our environments do affect us.

I am too tired to dig up a before...but we are just in the middle stage so this
isn't worthy of a before and after yet.  The paintings will be picked up today
(black industrial gallery above the banquette), we need to get two new chairs
and move these iron babies outside 

We need a new switchplate, too!

I love Thonet.

(Vienna side chair  Crate & Barrel--we
wouldn't do white, though)

 (Tolix, my fave, bentwoods, 2 cafe chairs...we're not
there yet.  We're also doing a window treatment here. 

I really do think purple Tolix will be the best--a risk, yes, but
her pops of color throughout are violet.  I think it would be killer!

Before, their kitchen was a dark red and they rarely used the area where
there is now the banquette.  They trusted me with Navajo White walls, this 
indoor/outdoor zebra slipcover for the benches (there are three...if you 
call Ballard's Backroom after the truck arrives you can find one...or 
three...for a great deal!)  This fabric, although light, just wipes clean.  
And if kids really rub-in some peanut butter and jelly, you can throw it in 
the wash.  The table is my knock-off Saarenin tulip table (from IKEA) that
I sold them.  I think the real one with a marble top is worth the investment, though.

Yes, it is the ubiquitous chalkboard paint.  She was so eager she
went ahead and ordered the Hudson brand I posted about
(by the way...you know you can find less expensive
brands now.  But they were really impressed with this
paint.  She got to painting last night after dinner and the 
kids went to town immediately.  

It couldn't make me happier that life is now going on in 
a previously-unused area!

We also ordered some cool organizational things from Aidan Gray (again,
the industrial look...but they love it and it sooo fits their home).  We also
have a funnel-shape capiz pendant on the way.  Can't wait!  (I think
she wanted my help specifically because of our capiz in the kitchen.  We had
to find a home for one in her home!)

(Her capiz is quite similar to this--BH & G image)

Anyway, isn't this what it is all about?  Practical beauty.

Speaking of beauty:  the winner of the Milk and Cookies
beautiful pillow is A House and Home!

(more ADD writing for you this morning...)

The online client in Mobile, AL, Katie...has a mom with
serious style.  Check out her mom's sunroom!  

She said her lucite table is fifteen years old!

Katie has serious style, too.

She really loved this:


So we have a diagonal version going on here...

Okay, sorry if I said this before, but don't you think people
who hire decorators usually have great style already.  Just
like my therapist says..."Usually the healthiest people hire

More hodge podge...

My copy of this arrived yesterday.  Can't wait to read it...

an excerpt found in Country Living

Oh, and a movie I saw a few weeks ago with
great interiors:

If you haven't seen The Switch, go see it.  Total thumbs up
from me.  I couldn't find any good stills, but the decor is so
good, too.  (Look at this dreamy blue moulding!)  Disclosure:  my friend
just thought it was okay, though.  I think it was directed by
Juno's director.  So good!

Yes, that is what you think it is.
Don't you love Juliette Lewis?  Big fan.

I was so looking forward to The Backup Plan.  I
couldn't even finish it On Demand.  So bad.  (Still 
love you, though, J Lo)  Decor was good! :)

more news...

Chairs are sold.  Thank you!

(Amanda, who bought four, is the sweetest ever.)

Yesterday I got to go and shop (well, look, anyway) at
South of Market It is an experience, not a store.

I went here because I need a few more items for the home (hint)
because someone important is coming to look at it (another hint)
on the 24th...

When you have (possibly) exciting news...do you share?  Like
when you would meet a great guy..and you thought he was
the ONE...did you tell or just keep it to yourself?

I want to say something but I can't count my chickens until
they hatch.

Other news...

I am writing an interview for Rue Magazine this week.

I haven't been this busy since I had a newborn!  So 
grateful for it....business that is a dream come true.

I won't be around much, but I know I have one post for ya this week:

I do have an interview with the beautiful and talented
artist, Kate Dukes (with her husband, Adam).  You know she
has to be good:
1.  Because she is friends with Anisa Darnell
2.  She got her BFA at UGA (where my sis 
went to art school!)

Don't you think she needs to show us more of her home, too?

thanks for hanging in if you're still here....Julie


  1. so excited about your 'news' hope everything goes exactly as you hope it will. looking forward to ALL the details when you can give them!


  2. I stumbled across your blog this morning and it's such a Saturday treat! I heart your style.

    So much so, that it's inspiring me to get off my butt and get to some apartment to-do's.

    Have a great weekend!


  3. I love Aidan Gray but the dang minimum is SO high and their stuff is so reasonable it is hard to meet it! I need a client who needs a whole house full!! Looks like a great start to the project and I can't wait to see the results.
    Can't wait to hear your news......

  4. So love it that IKEA did a knock-off of the Saarenin tulip table. IKEA makes this wonderful classic affordable. Hurray, IKEA!

  5. hmmm...I'm thinking I can guess your "news"...so excited for you if it's what I'm thinking...don't want to write it and jinx it...best of luck and I hope it all goes as you hope....loved your long post btw :)...

  6. So much going on for you! Can't wait for the reveal on who's coming to see your home! Love the zebra slipcovers!

  7. Enjoy all the goodness in your life. :-) Thanks for sharing so marvelously.

  8. I am loving the banquette area! Indoor/outdoor fabric is really the best!

  9. Love it all!!! Can't wait to see it finished up!

  10. Thank you so much for the giveaway! I am so excited to have won! I feel like I won a major award. I can't wait to figure out where to put it!

  11. Julie, so much news!! So happy for you! Can't wait to hear more details and I am excited to read your interview!! Keep up what you're doing, b/c it's great. Your blogs is so enjoyable - love it!!

  12. Julie, so much going on!! I am so excited for you!! And that kitchen looks amazing!!!

  13. I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU! Congrats on the amazing interview with the Editor of Southern Living! And now you have so much going for you that I could just burst with joy on your behalf.

    Love the slipcover! The lavender chairs sound perfect to me! Enjoy your clients, and all that life is bringing you.

  14. lots of fun hodge podge news! congrats on your piece for Rue - can't wait to see it! looking forward to seeing your finished eating area! :)

  15. You must be really excited! Good for you. You are so blessed.
    Good luck on the 24th!

  16. Ommmm, totally dying for the zebra leftover bench that was probably sold at Ballard 12 minutes after your post went up. Really loved this post...in all of its random goodness.