05 October 2010

y'all got some style: readers' mantels (correction)

Okay, Cara has some serious style....she may be starting a blog! (I got my Caras mixed up.  Sorry)

Above is designer Jennifer's mantel...so unique.  Her stylish blog is a little luxe

This is Katie's mantel (reader and online decorating client...really she knows what she's doing.  I'm just an extra set of eyes)

Okay, many of you have seen this clothing designer's home before published in Country Living.  You know you it is?

She has more than one in her home...but with seven kids you probably need a spare :)
do you know yet?

Here is her second mantel at Christmas.  (check out those sweet dogs!)

It's Kayce from Kayces Blog

I learn so much reading Terry's blog The Architecture Tourist
How gorgeous is their mantel?  I am sure he has a story about the artist.  (wait--I think he sent me a link about it...I'll find it and add it!)

And if you follow Abby from Abby & Her Boys you will learn she is becoming more and more designed-obsessed (this ensemble proves it!)  She is even branching out to blog solely about design.

And Lisa Roy is good at more than handbags....

And last but not least...here is Brandi's cool mantel from My Flights of Whimsy
She is renovating her home bit-by-bit..you should check her out!

Thanks for letting us peek into your homes...what room should we ask to see next?


  1. Love these Julie! Wish I would have sent one of mine to you :)

  2. If I had a mantel, I would send you mine :)

    Nothing better than seeing real homes!

  3. love all of them ... there are some talented bloggers out there .... including yourself!


  4. that was so much fun! I know some of those gals and I want to check out the others!

  5. What a fun idea! If only I had a mantle to decorate ;-)

  6. You are so nice to post our graffiti mantle with red coral and fish-bones. Done on a lark by our designer friend, Gordon. Nobody can believe it, not sure folks like it but it's whack in the eyes every time. Paintings by my son, faux painted wooden mantel and "stone" wall.

  7. Don't you just love Kayce? I've got a major decorating faux pas over my mantel - a flatscreen TV. In my defense, there's really nowhere else to put it. But it does make decorating it a challenge!

  8. These are all great! love Cara's mantel and her whole room has some great pieces :)

  9. Love this post and love seeing other people's homes. I should have sent you mine but it needs some help first. Maybe next time/next thing.

  10. I'd suggest another room but mine all look so pitiful compared all these bloggers gorgeous homes! Maybe vanities? That's always a fun one. Thanks for posting mine! The living room is my next decor project!

  11. I love Terry's mantel, too. Love that it is his son's artwork!

  12. they are all so different. love that. The flags may be my favorite though.

  13. Love these all! So fun! How did I miss this?

  14. Great post! Love all the mantles! Love that fish on Terry's mantle. So unexpected.....Thanks for posting mine!

  15. Such a fun treat to be on your blog! Thanks.