27 October 2010

so why not dream big? (darryl carter & new clothes)

That is what Oprah has always told us, right?  "Well, this dream came true for you.  Now you'll have to go and get yourself another dream", I can just hear her telling a young guest who is amazed at their new-found stardom.

Think about this guy, Darryl Carter, not too long ago when his days were filled with studying for the LSAT and reading over legal documents.

  Now, flashforward to today--he is launching his new line with Urban Electric and he recently designed furniture for Thomasville.  Not-too-shabby for this lawyer turned decorator.

I am tickled to be invited to meet this master of neutrals, among other things.

I have yet to read his book, but I am looking forward to snagging one so I can bend his ear for a minute. There is really nothing not beautiful I have seen from his rooms.  He seems to collect like Suzanne Kasler (I adore how he styles his tableware), and has a love of white and mixing like Vicente Wolf.  Yet I find him warm and classical and soft and strong at the same time.  (He kinda looks that way, too)

I am excited to actually have some events I need to "dress" for, you know?  My boys being four and two, I have lived in Target tops and yoga pants for years  (but I still had to wear some cute Converse and funky earrings with them--my mom always preached to us that "Life is not a dress rehearsal."  That has stuck with me--even in the baby fog years)

So I've got a few fun events coming up this fall and winter...

Darryl Carter at Urban Electric, big Arteriors sample sale, SCAD students' art at West Elm (Savannah College of Art & Design), Sherry Hart giving a little lesson on styling at the Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles Christmas House, The Lavish Conference, and Better Homes & Gardens coming to shoot!  Aside from marrying Chris and birthing these youngins', this is about the best year of my life.  

I want to work with what I already have, but I do want a few fun things:

a sequins tank

j crew

some dark boot cut jeans


love this ruffled military coat (cute with jeans or a pencil skirt and tall boots)
Ann Taylor Loft

And this heather gray jacket
j crew

With these pants...
J crew

a plan white tank

And these amazing necklace..
J Crew

Can you picture it with some heels?

And a few more things....

Would love this with jeans

Free People

and these babies...
Free People

with some long, cotton socks
Free People

And a velvet blazer

almost done...look at these!
Free People

And lastly, check out this outfit from Paris from South of Market's Blog

How great is her outfit!!??  Can I wear this at 37?  Maybe if the skirt was a little longer?

Happy Wednesday.......Julie


  1. How exciting to be meeting Darryl Carter! I love his style.
    Love your fab fashion finds as well - especially the JCrew pieces. I'm sad to say that I don't think I could pull off the boots with the socks but they are darn cute! :)

  2. Darryl Carter is one of my favs! I say, go for it! I am lovin' the tall boots from Free people and what would we do without J.Crew?

  3. hey, at 37, you are still good to go with those styles. rock them out, babe.

    so happy for all the good things coming your way...enjoy it all!

    love, Donna

  4. You could rock that look definitely. I love all your other picks too.

    I can't wait to hear what you think of Darryl Carter. I'm a lawyer that dreams about doing something creative (I'm not sure exactly what yet though), so I would love to live vicariously through you and him! It sounds like you a lot of great events on your calendar. Have lots of fun!

  5. I smell a shopping trip! If I was going to all those events...I would head down to my favorite store "Wet Seal" and pick out an outfit straight out of RHOA!!! Something tight and purple....so I would stand out. Just sayin :) I think you could pull it off......

  6. Looks like you have a lot of fun times planned - love the clothes you picked out - the Loft jacket is really nice! Love that store and the J. Crack!

  7. Great clothes! Those all seem like good staples to have in your wardrobe and FP is one of my favorite brands. Of course you can wear that outfit at 37! Can't wait to hear all about your fall adventures!

  8. Have a great time at your meet-up with Daryl!!! You'll be adorable, no matter what you wear.

  9. Love this and YES you can wear those. You're tall and totally stylin' my friend. Age will never stop you from being that!!! xoxo

  10. I love all your choices! FYI - there are some sequined tanks at Express that might be little less than the J Crew versions. But I haven't tried either on, so just wanted to let you know.

    You've got some great events coming up! I just checked out that Lavish event - sounds great! Congrats on being on a featured panelist. Maybe I should head down for that - I believe it's the same weekend as Scott's. Coincidence?

  11. What great clothing selections. You'd look great in any of them. I see you like J.Crew as much as I do ;)

  12. Loving the clothes...especially the sequin tank and the heather grey jacket with mustard yellow pants! I may have to add those to my wardrobe as well.
    I have a bunch of these events penciled in my calandar as well. Hopefully time will let me go and we can meet in person.
    Have a great rest of the week!

  13. We were just at the Free People store in Seattle this weekend. I have girls that are 13 and 12...and of course they love everything about it too. We got a few accessories...and then outfit wise, I checked everything out..and copied it for them at Forever 21.

    Love the boots and long socks (I want them too.) Great choices!

  14. Wow, I am excited for you! I love the title of your blog. I love white decorating and antiques.

  15. yes you can wear that at 37. wow... free people has shoes, didn't know that. i love both pairs of boots and that anthro jacket is divine.

  16. These are all great selections. I need to go shopping!

    Amy R.

  17. Love it all, Julie! And, at 37, you can wear that last outfit!! Love that outfit too! Great stuff - so excited about all your new endeavors!

  18. Gorgeous rooms by Daryl Carter and extra beautiful pieces of clothing you've picked out. I love the necklace from J.Crew.