10 October 2010

"use what you have" decorating

Thank you all so much for your sweet comments about the upcoming shoot with Better Homes & Gardens.  Still can't believe it...we are beyond excited.  I promise to fill you in on what I can....I do know a few people who will be here:  the editor locally is Lisa Mowry, the Senior Editor for BH & G is Oma Blaise Ford (who will also be in Atlanta for the Lavish! Conference ) and the stylist will be Annette Joseph.  

I am tired today because I went to see a friend's band (East Ponce Soul Faction) play at a bar Saturday night.  I really don't feel like I've been to a bar in ten years.  And we stayed to hear them play their last song--I'm so proud of myself.

I had a blast.  I like doing it once or twice a year--how did I ever do it every weekend?

Do you know who they opened up for?  A band called "Dumpstafunk"  (Aaron Neville's son).  There is nothing more I can say about that name.

Okay...on to decorating.

We're about 75% completed with the home.  They wanted "Restoration Hardware meets Veranda meets Modern meets Worldly".  Tall order.

via designcliq

via Restoration Hardware

I am calling this "decorate with what you have" because, let's face it, most of us are on a budget.  I have never known anyone who hires someone to decorate carte blanche (but how fun would that be?!).  Most of us create our rooms over time...

So here we are keeping the older sofa.  We restuffed the pillows and added some new ones.

When they moved into their home six years ago she was pregnant, so when her aunt offered to give the walls a faux treatment like Tuscany, they happily accepted.

So the wall color(s) is staying, and we are working with it (it was very expensive)  
We have added a modern floor lamp, a tolix-ish stool, and a few accessories to give her that Veranda feel.  (wall decor is in the works as well)  The leather club chairs are new, along with the rustic coffee table, but the rug and armoire are what they have had for a while.

One must-have for her (and large-ticket item) is this driftwood mirror from Arteriors.

She really wanted it on the mantle, but I wanted to stress to her how beautiful this mirror would be in her formal dining room.  She couldn't see it, so I thought I would just show her.  I loaded up my own lamps from my entry room to try to get the point across.

I ended up selling my chrome lamps!

She felt so bad she went out to try to replicate them for me...

She didn't do too bad!  (This is full service decorating, people :)

I know we're not done, but I do feel it coming together.  I think with even a budget of $500 you can get someone to help rearrange what you have, "shop" and repurpose from your own home, and EDIT!  I think editing is key...and everything.

So I'm going to get some much-needed sleep.  I'm not going to apologize anymore from my rambling posts...if you have read this blog before you're used to it!

Have a good one........Julie


  1. I love your rambling and so understand! I just finished working on my daughter's room, "decorating with what we have"! It is kind of fun to walk through the house and think of ways to use things differently - keeps me from getting stuck. Good luck with the shoot!

  2. I think decorating with what you have is how most projects go. Now a days anyway. Most people do buy pieces they love they just know how to place them etc.
    I love what you have done. Looks like they already had good stuff to work with. And where is that fab floor lamp from?
    Hope you had a great recovery day!

  3. this looks great! i must've missed the post about being featured in bh&g. how does something like that happen? they just contact you? awesome!!!

  4. Love your ramblings. (there must be some Irish in you..as us Irish love to ramble too!!) Sinead x

  5. Your rambling is you so stick w/it! Love it and love your additions and that driftwood mirror is beautiful!!!

  6. I'm all about using different items I already own in different ways and swapping out the room where they end up. It's the least expensive way I know to get a new look-without having to leave the house!

  7. I love the use what you have decorating idea - most people have some great pieces and just rearranging them, editing and adding in a few small new things can completely transform a room! I know how you feel about being out at bars - it seems like forever ago since we've done that and now I'm like a fish out of water! Twice a year is enough for me too :)

  8. Nice work, there's nothng like "use what you have" and updating a thing or two...no need to completely re-do!

  9. Looks great! I can totally follow your rambles too! Can't wait to see more of your projects!

  10. I don't mind the rambling. It actually sounds a lot like what is going on in my head - all the time. Anyway, where is the fabulous floor lamp from? I NEED it

  11. It's looking fabulous...can't wait to see the spread~ Your rambling - don't change a thing. It makes me feel like I know you. Thank you for stopping by our blog...you always have the nicest comments!!

  12. Julie, Julie..Can I just tell you that I have enjoyed sitting through all of the post I have missed while being away. Your home is gorgeous and so COZY. You have done such a wonderful job. I noticed that we both have the same rug in out little boys room except I opted for the red instead of green. Also notice that you are a huge Home Goods shopper..we may as well just be shopping buddys by now:-)

  13. This is going to be super cool! Can't wait to see the finished photos!
    I am just hearing about your upcoming photo shoot! How exciting!
    You are most deserving!
    I just saw you became one of my followers! Thank you!
    Have a wonderful evening!

  14. Heroic of you to hit Smith's. My ears can't take it but it's great room in a great building.

  15. oh, I do love that mirror just where you placed it. perfection! what a fun post. can't wait to see more...

  16. Hi Julie. I am excited to read your blog. Anisa is a great friend of mine and she told me all about it. Now I'm hooked! Great to meet you through your blog.

  17. I totally agree with you - use what you have and edit! And how very exciting to have BH&G coming to photograph your home. That is fantastic!!
    ~ Elizabeth