13 October 2010

wallpaper wednesday

check out this ceiling...

I love our wallpaper from Lowe's in our bedroom...

this toile in "Summer's" bedroom

from a wonderful Swedish blog whose name left my brain...

Farrow & Ball has amazing new papers...

Must repost my fave from Country Living...

Oh, and one day I need to devote one post to this room and its wallpaper.  The picture is entitled "Novelists' Rooms Woolf"  

I can see her living here...a writer's space indeed.  Does anyone know the story on this room?  Was there a designer house dedicated to writers?  If not, what a novel idea if I do say so myself.  We should do one.  

I would like to see T.S. Eliot's room and Faulkner's.  I see Emily Dickinson's all neat-and-tidy.  Shakespeare's would be a mess.  

Oh, and to see contemporary writers' homes!  Toni Morrison and Phillip Roth and Joan Didion.  Whose writer's room would you love to see....alive or, well, not alive?


  1. Too many!!! First names that sprang to the forefront were Philip Roth, Jane Austen, Atlanta Bartlett and Samuel Beckett. What a mix?!! So I reckon that means I would be happy with looking at anyones writing space!! LOL! Great post. Sinead x

  2. I really love subtle colour schemes in wallpaper - it makes even large patterns not so overwhelming. That papered ceiling is a fun surprise :)

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  4. Hmmm. I have a feeling "Samual" might be a computer??

    I heart wallpaper. The end. Did you know I actually posted that first picture in one of my very first Friday Favorites? ;-) I love your Lowe's wallpaper too.

    Have you ever read Post Birthday World, by Shriver? Slightly racy but soooooo good.

    (4:15--really? Yes, we should talk.)

  5. So many beautiful choices! I have a few rooms in my house that are ready for a do-over. Can't wait to see what I find when I start looking! That foyer is gorgeous!

  6. That is a great idea! I imagine all writers would have a messy house but maybe that's stereotypical of me. I love how they went down the top part of the wall with the wallpaper on the first pic. Makes for such an interesting detail!

  7. I love all the subtle papers that are somewhat monochromatic. Gorgeous Pics!
    I also would love to the "writer's house"!

  8. Love the idea of wallpapering the ceiling .... very cool!
    Lovely images!

    I am hosting my first giveaway! hope you'll join in!


  9. Love the wallpaper on the ceiling in the first photo. I papered the ceiling in my guest bathroom and I adore it!! Great post ~

  10. Love wallpaper! I just can't commit. Although it may be because I hope to move soon. =)

  11. I love the first image- I think the paper is Manuel Canovas. I'm obsessed with wallpaper and did a wednesday wallpaper post as well- it's hard to narrow down which paper to post about when there are so many gorgeous designs out there. Your collection is lovely!