28 October 2010

Ceri Hoover & her awesome designer fabrics!

Please meet Ceri Hoover & her gorgeous work & family!  She is what she told me when I asked her to fill my readers in.....

My name is Ceri Hoover, wife, mother, and design-obsessed creator. I create functional, beautiful home accessories using designer fabrics and only the finest materials. I am a native of North Carolina and currently reside at the beach with my husband, son, two dogs, and our little fishy. I love all things designer but have learned how to be crafty when necessary. I just recently began sewing regularly and instantly fell in love with fabrics (Peter Dunham being my current favorite). There is nothing more refreshing than incorporating new pillows into a room! I also love cooking, Costa Rica, knee-high boots, Citizen denim, wine & cheese, and sand between my toes. I am thrilled to have found a successful creative outlet that I can enjoy at home with my son!”

And her work:

love the custom designer shades!  (more available in her shop, too)

(I'm dying to see more of her home, too.  Hint, Hint.)

Hello!  A pair of these?  Never seen anything like these.

Please send Ceri a note and tell her if you love her work!  Her shop is
HERE  (You can also find her add with the pretty pillows on this blog!)

Have a great Thursday!  Promise to take lots of pictures of Darryl Carter tonight at Urban Electric.


  1. Oooh, I love all of these! I'm off to check out her store now. Thanks for bringing her to my attention, Julie!


  2. Gorgeous! Those trellis chairs are insane- exactly the kind of chairs I want to put my CF carnival on- they are amazing. I'm off to check out her store now- thanks for the link!

  3. Oh wow Julie! Her work is beautiful! Love every bit of it! Thanks for sharing!

  4. pretty fabrics are like drugs for me! off to check out her shop.... :)

  5. Me likey! Her pillows and her cute dress! off to check her out. not her, her shop. that sounded weird after said I liked her dress...

  6. holy cow...those are some EXPENSIVE pillows. I'm guessing that's some pricey fabric she's working with...hmmm...will need to admire from afar and stick to sewing my own out of $20/yard fabrics! :)

  7. Very pretty pillows...loved reading a little about Ceri and what she likes. I think I need to go to Costa Rica.

  8. just received some of ceri's coasters in the mail today that i ordered from her etsy shop. love them!

  9. nice pillows! i noticed her pic was taken by marla and shane.....i love their work!

    have a great halloween weekend!

  10. I need those chairs. They don't really work with my colors but I LOVE them. Thanks for sharing her with us!

  11. Beautiful fabrics! Loving those chairs...


  12. everything looks so gorgeous.