17 October 2010

Country Couture & King Ranch Chicken


I love these beat-up overalls, floppy hat and shiny heels
via Ralph Lauren 2010

I love these rustic wooden boards in the kitchen of Sarah's House on HGTV

and what about these overalls--I can so see Kate Hudson
working this dress from Ralph Lauren on the red carpet.

(I lived in my overalls when I was pregnant.  I don't think I can do them again, though)

I love this simple, country-ish kitchen with a painted floor, outdoor furniture brought inside (you know I am a fan of these) and simple, wooden open-shelving.  European & country at the same time.  

(I know--the fancy oven/range combo with a warming oven is not so simple.  Unknown source)


Okay, not trying to compete with the amazing food blogs, but one great thing about having a blog is you can journal about something you want to do and (hopefully) you have readers to hold you accountable.

I had time to read October's Southern Living while riding up to the lake.  (We rode to my mother-in-law's lakehouse to get measurements on our Airstream that is still parked there!  We are getting ready to build our Airstream barn/cottage in the backyard this fall...and I can't wait to blog about it....and decorate the interior of the trailer!)

Back to the magazine:  It was so good, I thought.  Chock full of good ideas, interiors & recipes.  (As well as a great article written by Lisa Mowry, who will be writing about our home for BH & G, about becoming an extra for films.)

I got inspired by the 7 recipes for slow-cookers.  I am challenging myself to dust off my crock pot and test out some fall meals for the week (I love to cook, but I've been so busy lately I've been bad about asking Chris to pick up Thai on his way home or running by Chic-fil-a too much.  Too expensive and not good for my hiney)

Meal 1:  King Ranch Chicken

(I followed it exactly--except for the cheese.  I used 2 oz instead of 8)

(Worth the money--rotisserie chicken.  If you have a Whole Foods near you, I recommend the salt & pepper one)

We loved it!  It's a keeper.

And I new find this weekend at my favorite antiques store 
(and painted nickel), this baroque mirror.

(I promise I won't post about the shop everyday, I'm just really excited about it!)

Have a great one........Julie


  1. You had me at "crock pot". I'll pick up the mag for sure now.

    I can't wait to read about the Airstream!

  2. I am wanting to use our crock pot more also. We have been making a habit of grabbing takeout or just eating cereal! I am sick of it and I would be wonderful to have dinner already half done when we get home. This chicken recipe sounds goo too!

  3. Hi Julie! Funny...I just read that same magazine today. They always have such good recipes.

    I love the photo of the white kitchen with green chairs :)

  4. I have been a fan of King Ranch Casserole since I was a kid!
    It is such a comfort food!
    I love the new mirror you bought and can't wait to see your airsteam redo!
    Have a great week!

  5. pretty kitchens & yummy food - my kind of blog post...wish i hadn't sold my slow cooker in a garage sale. i never had any luck with the recipes, but i didn't try too many.

  6. I noticed that recipe too in SL. I love King Ranch Chicken. Haven't had it in forever... need to try it this week. I can't wait to see your airstream! How fun would that be!

  7. That mirror is fab. I have something like it that we got from my hubbis Grandmothers house. About the dinner I just love when you come across a recipe that takes the drain away from thinking of something to cook for dinner. Yay! An airstream - you got to keep us posted about it Julie! Flashback to the overalls - deffo not one for me this time around!!LOL! Sinead x

  8. Hello! I too wore the overalls when expecting and that's enough for me! Love that you have an Airstream - someday I would love a silver bullet of my own! You will have so much fun decorating it! I think I'm going to try that recipe tonight! Going to see Ingrid Michaelson later so this will be a great meal before we leave!

  9. I need to check that issue out...I'm always looking to get out of a cooking rut!!!

  10. Love a country kitchen...makes me want a farmhouse for weekend R&R!! The chicken recipe sounds fabulous ~ might have to break down and do a little cooking ~

  11. Not a big fan of overalls ... not even Kate Hudson would look good in them.
    and I love that last kitchen! So pretty! lovely mirror and that dish looooks so delicious!


  12. Gaaaasssp! Love it. Just when i thought I would throw out my overalls! Dang it. I'm hooked again! xo

  13. i need more details on that recipe. i'll have to try to find it on the SL website. oh, and can i say how envious i am about the airstream??? i am. my mom found out the guy will sell his for $1500, but may take less. that's a steal, right? it has a robin blue and white striped awning. my mom and i have already started decorating it in our heads. do you use yours a lot for camping?

  14. I remember my overall days - I loved them so much but don't think I can go back to that now. Love Sarah's barn board too! Time for me to dust off my slow cooker too and make some comfort food :)

  15. Post about the shop as much as you'd like! I have a lot of recipes I would love to share too maybe we could start a blogger cookbook!

  16. I may have to borrow my MIL's copy of Southern Living. My husband LOVES to cook with the crockpot and I'm always looking for recipes to expand his repertoire!

  17. I love the all white kitchen. The only change I'd make is to replace the green chairs with light yellow ones...there's just something about yellow and white that is the most welcoming, calm combination.

    Thanks for sharing!