19 October 2010

comfort rooms, meatloaf & a giveaway

I almost made the theme of this post "Chinoiserie and Meatloaf" but that was just too silly.  
These rooms give me the same feel that I get from smelling a yummy meatloaf cooking.
(banquette from Country Home Magazine)

How comforting is this picture?  The laundry and pillows add that extra touch.

Do you have "sleeping porches" where you live?  Here, in Georgia, we really still do.  Of course, they originated prior to the invention of air conditioning and you had to sleep on the porch to catch a cool breeze every now and then in the blazing summers.  Now, they evoke memories of napping on my mema's porch and the smell of something good cooking inside.


Now that our indoor living areas are "done" (of course I say that lightly), I want to focus on using the space we have outside.  How comforting is this vignette from Country Home?  I love having meals outdoors.

Okay, here is where the giveaway comes into play.  Do you know where this room is from?

If you can name where it is from, you can win three yards of fabric.

I had fun fabric-shopping for my client yesterday (and, yes, she loves all things animal)

So much so that we are actually (well, Kate will be) stenciling her picture moulding in her dining room in leopard with champagne paint.

Okay, back to giveaway.  You leave a comment with the name of where that comfortable "cottage" room is from (another hint....Europe)....and you win three yards of this lovely Ikat.  For a second entry, follow the blog and leave an extra comment letting me know you do.

 I couldn't win her over to this one, but I bet you may love it?!

Now for dinner....

(If you want the recipe you can email me.  I imagine you can't read this)

The ingredients...

How can anything with these ingredients not be good?  (No after picture...it was not pretty but SO yummy)

And a couple pictures to share the love today.

This is happiness after playing in a sandbox all afternoon....

And here is a picture I received from Lisa of LisaRoy Handbags.  She found this while strolling on a Dublin street yesterday.  

That makes me smile for just thinking about how much fun she is having!


  1. LOVING the print on that blue and white chair in the first pic...

    "Tea Time" Print Giveaway-Come on Over and Check it Out!

  2. Love that bedroom... my Mom has that same laundry basket... makes it feel like home.

    That room is from the movie The Holiday... Kate Winslet's home in England.

    I have issues that I know that.... ha ha!

  3. The Holiday!!! My fave!

  4. I think that is the Holiday! I love that room. (I love your recipe tips too - I hope they sell Southern Living at my local Barnes and Nobles!)

  5. The Holiday! I'd recognize that anywhere! The bedroom with the laundry warms my heart just like meatloaf.

    I follow your blog!

  6. The Holiday, in fact, I think it was on this weekend! Anyway, I am follower and of course, you can snag the pics from my blog for your bamboo chippendale chair!! Hmmm...maybe I need a second one???

  7. Of course that room is from The Holiday - the home in England where Cameron stayed at - I remember when I first saw the movie, I couldn't help but soak in that home and every square inch of it! :)

  8. And of course I follow your gorgeous blog! So cute of you to post the pic I sent! xo

  9. Are you kidding....The Holiday! My favorite movie!!! I have watched it soooo many times. I love to pause it on certain shots just to check out the decor:) Do you do that?
    Thanks so much for taking the time to write this awesome blog of yours...love it! I was wondering I find something that I want to buy from your new store/blog...do i email you or leave a comment?

  10. What a brill post. Must look up Lisa's blog now. Milk and Honey is gone global - on my own doorstep in Dublin and I didnt know- yay to Milk and Honey! Sinead

  11. THE HOLIDAY! Only one of my all time favorite movies. Sigh...("you look like a barbie!")

    Can I come over for meatloaf?

  12. Thanks for the meatloaf 'minder...the perfect thing to make today (I make up my own recipe)...a little of this, a little of that, a little salt over the shoulder...

  13. Definitely "The Holiday". Love the coziness!!! I am a new follower. Found you a few weeks back and I was hooked when I saw your entry, front room, kitchen....well, your whole house! You mix all the styles I love and you make it look so easy! I have been flip flopping for years between cottage, french, rustic, and mordern! I love them all but had a hard time making it all work together:( You, my dear, are a master!

  14. Yes, the holiday it is- And here I was super proud of myself thinking I might be the only or first one who recoginized it- we're all so smart:)
    I love your blog btw- your home is gorgeous!

  15. the Holiday! And I just got a sample of that ikat fabric from Lewis and Sharon and it looks great in my bedroom..now I need a couple of yards!! Great giveaway!!

  16. beachcottagemamato2October 19, 2010 at 1:30 PM

    Why the Holiday, of course! Such an inspirational movie, design wise.

  17. Please email me that meatloaf recipe...sounds good!!!!

  18. From the movie the Holiday - I want that ottoman!

  19. only my favorite movie house (or should I say cottage) ever! HOLIDAY!!! In England!!! I have been wanting to recover our tufted ottoman in velvet ever since...so much so that I allow dirty feet on the upholstery, chocolate snacks, lollipops, etc. all in an effort to get stains and justify the need to have it recovered. Something must be wrong with me!! :)

  20. I love meatloaf and can you post the recipe! I have no idea where that room is from but I loved your post title ... very cute! Your son looks adorable!


  21. Ooh, great giveaway, Julie! I love The Holiday, but I must admit I saw all the other comments before making mine. I thought it looked familiar and it looked very English, but didn't put two and two together initially. I'm not a cheater, I swear. And I think I'm already a follower, but I'll go check my reader.

  22. The Holiday in the English countryside! I loved when Cameron Diaz's character got in that tiny tube. I also loved that tub. What a great post. Love it!



  23. The Holiday! One of my favs!


  24. I'm a follower! Love what you do!


  25. I recognized it right away: Kate Winslet's character's home in "The Holiday." So comfortable and pretty.