14 October 2010

housekeeping, etc.

So I have mentioned before that my friend, Jillian, told me that it takes a year to actually move into a house.  I didn't believe it....but now I think it is true.  

In December, we will have been here for a year.  I have been on a decorating rampage since then, but am just now getting around to really setting up "systems".  Does your home have order and places for all the tons and tons of paperwork and crap that comes your way...or are you still struggling like myself?

These little folders from Target are helping.  I love the natural fabric and the little bit of teal in the label.  They help getting all the piles off the counter--you know--bills that must be paid tomorrow, grocery lists, preschool permission slips and mail.

I had a great chalkboard organizer here (from IKEA), but it broke.

I'm pleased with this new system!

(sweet Kate, pictured here, did the labels for me.  BH & G wouldn't be coming to shoot here without her!  She worked her hiney off helping me get this house ready.  Chris was in Virginia about the entire month prior to them coming.  I have never worked so hard in my life!)

She helped me move all the papers and fabric samples and such downstairs.

As much as I would love to actually "work" in our pretty office upstairs, this isn't possible with two little ones who see everything as a toy.  We had to store stuff in a area that can be baby-gated off.

Chris (and Kate) thought I was silly to use our old dining table as a desk--but it works and is free!

It may be silly again to show you all of the little details, but I love this ceramic key hook from Anthropologie with brass hooks.  God's in the details, right?

And I finally have a working system in the laundry room now that the paisley stencil is done.  Being organized really frees up your mind for creativity, don't you think?

We added hooks that are cute & functional.

And I love our sink skirt made from a TJ Maxx toile shower curtain & velcro.

Hides a multitude of sins!

And another housekeeping note:  I'm sharing some news about a art show & giveaway from Whitehaven Interiors:

Helen Durant and Corrina Sephora Mensoff are having a show Oct 16 and 17 at  
Murray Mill (the Goat Farm). Whitehaven is also having a giveaway to promote the art show - the giveaway include a small goat painting from Helen and 
earrings from Corrina (who is a sculpter and metal smith). 

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  1. I totally agree that it easily takes a year to properly settle into a home. It's one thing to get all the decorating projects done that you want to do, but it's completely another to organize yourself so that you can easily find everything and everything has a spot so daily clean up is easy. It really does clear your mind! :)

  2. I never feel totally organized. I need to get on it. I have yet to find a system that totally works for me!

  3. your laundry area looks great, Julie, especially the stencil and the sink skirt. great job!

  4. Great post, Julie. I hate clutter and I have the hardest time w/it. I can organize stuff, but I don't know how to create systems that work for me. Thus, clutter always seems to run rampant in my house. If you have any secrets that work, pls. share! Anyway, I can't believe you've only been in your home a year?!?! Holy Cow! I've been in mine 4 years and it doesn't even look half as done as yours!!

  5. I am loving the files from target and I love your hooks with your initial on them.I reckon I would need a lot of 'S' hooks to hang my handbags as I never to seem to have just 1 handbag on the go!

  6. I so need to get my act together in this area...thanks for sharing!!!

  7. I love those files from Target. I feel like I am just getting back some organization, now that the twins are getting older. =)

  8. I think the details are always the best part. I can't believe you have only been in your house for a year, it looks soooo much more put together than mine! I have a few things to keep us organized though, maybe I should do a post like this too!

  9. I know what you mean...but I think we are on the two year plan :)
    I love those pouches from target....I need to find something like that. It would help clear off the dining room table!!!

  10. Fun organizers....totally love the large numbers and labels!

  11. Your laundry room walls are so beautiful! That was another great idea by you! Cute hooks too! Have a great day!

  12. I totally need a system! Love those pockets... too cute. I think the table for the desk is perfect! We need to spread out right? That's how I work anyway.....

  13. Those file folders from Target are really cute! I was just there yesterday and must have missed them. I might have to go back and buy some for myself :)

  14. I need those Target folders desperately. I may need to go buy some.
    Love the post. Great job on the laundry room. I love it!

  15. I must be way behind. We've been in our house for almost 4 years - still organizing, reorganizing, etc. a constant battle with two active, dirt-tracking little boys, but I can't blame it all on them I share the guilt! I want your sink skirt. Now.

  16. Organizational skills are not my strong point. Never have been. Your "systems" look like good ones though, and let me just say...the "skirt" from the shower curtain...fantastic! Might have to borrow that idea at some point!

  17. I love so many things about your home but that skirted sink is my fave!

  18. Whew. I'm taking the pressure off myself then. We moved into our home at the beginning of summer and I've never felt so unorganized in my life!

    I also am in need of doing the sink skirt trick so I love that you used a shower curtan. Great idea! Did you sew the bottom & sides?

  19. It definitely takes at least a year to get settled!! Your place is looking fabulous!


  20. Whoa....I need to spend a day getting organized! But...I need Ritalin for that job. The last time I cleaned out my office it took 5 days, but somehow it got messy again. I am waiting for a really good rainy day :)

  21. Love. This. Post. Oh my gosh, you're so in the cool girl club. I want your organization!! Love all of the texture mixed with little bits of shine.


  22. I need a sink skirt like that to hide our multitude of "sins". Did you make it yourself?

  23. A year to move into a house? Um, I am seriously behind!!! I thought October was going to be my organization month but so far, all I've done is think about all the organization I have to do. You are an inspiration, Julie.

  24. seriously? How the heck are you that organized? Can you come and set up my home now? I try to be organized, but have a LOOOOOONG way to go compared to you! So pretty and productive. Well done.

    PS - my best girlie has a major crush on your home. She loves, loves, loves it. xo

  25. you got it going on....it took me a year to just do the kitchen. i love being organized though. it makes me feel much more peaceful.

    have a great weekend, julie!

  26. Oh Julie, I have lived in my house for 5 years, and I still feel I am moving in!

    Those organizers look great. Will look for them next time I visit Target.

    And your laundry room, girl! Doing laundry at your home must be pure joy! I can hear you whistling!

    Hugs to you, Mon

  27. Sorry, I'm a day late here, but I'm wondering when you got the wonderful folders from Target? I've looked online and at our local store, but had no luck finding them. Any ideas? Love, love your home!!!