05 October 2010

all types of slipcovers

So Jen, this is for you an anyone else looking to slipcover some chairs.  Image:  Atlanta Bartlett

To update my client's dining room, we are planning to slipcover the two dining chairs and the ends of the table.  This will change the look of the room by lightening it with the white fabric and adding more texture to the room.

I love the "slipcover" above because it is loose and informal...I think even sexy.  I write "slipcover" because I think she just draped & tied a sheet around the chair.

Here is another loose cover.

I really like these because they are sleek and straight, with only one pleat on the bottom.

this image Martha Stewart

I think the straight cover will work best in their dining room, as opposed to ruffled covers (like Windsor Smith's design here)

these are sweet and very French

like these English Cottage ones...just not for them (via Cabbages & Roses)

We are planning to monogram the backs of the slipcovers...their initial with a crown above it.
(this image Country Living)

I think this will be our best option--a long, simple and mostly straight slipcover...either in white cotton duck, linen blend or denim (bleach!!)   I would like to see the skirt just kissing the floor.

I am a big fan of slipcovers.  They are cost-effective because you can repurpose a good, old piece of furniture and they last a while because you can pull it off, unzip them and throw them in the wash!

I'll leave you with this today--Julie


  1. Julie I Love this post.I love slip covers and that quote simply rocks! Yay you made my day! Sinead x

  2. Hi Julie,
    I love slipcovers as well. and your idea to monogram the back is fabulous!
    I love that statement about happiness! so true!
    have a lovely day


  3. Hey Julie!
    I love them too - great post. I wish you were here in Birmingham! I have a great lady here that does the most amazing job on them! M.

  4. This was just what I needed! I am looking for slipcovers for my mother's dinning room--any great sources? Or is it best to have them custom made?

  5. Love the slip covers, love the quote even more.

  6. I love slip covers....and they are a must for light colored furniture in my opionion.
    I am working on some right now for my sister. I need to find the right fabric and they will have to be custom. Perfect way to completely update a piece of furniture!

  7. I've always loved slipcovers, too, and they can quiet down a loud room like nobody's business.

  8. Love the quote. I have never had anything with a slipcover, but love the thought of taking them off and throwing them in the wash.

  9. you are adorable and sweet and i love the comments you leave for me...xx

  10. i;m in the process of slipcovering a wing chair...AND i LOVE the pleats on that wing chair! that's what i'm gonna do! thx for the inspiring pics.