26 July 2010

You Know Her...Now See Tia Zoldan's New Pictures & New Blog!

I imagine you have seen this amazing image from Cottage Living magazine.  I have always loved this picture...and I have been inspired by every room I have seen that Tia Zoldan designed.

I am thrilled to show you some images from her home...redecorated!  And please go visit her blog, which doesn't disappoint:  The Roof Over My Head 

I am not going to label or interpret what style I see in these rooms.  They speak for themselves.  But I am blown away...

I asked Tia a few questions about design, life, and inspiration, and this is what she said:


Julie:  Tell us a little about your start in design.  Was your first job in the design field?

 Tia:  I started out working in store design for J. Crew.  I studied anthropology
in college but always had a passion for art and photography and interiors.
I slowly started doing work for friends and then started making the
transition into really making it my full time job!

Julie:  What are your favorite design books?  Who inspires you?

Tia:  My favorite design books:
Some of my favorite designers have come out with such gorgeous design books!
My favorites are Celerie Kemble, Jeffrey Bilhuber, Suzanne Kasler, Michael
Smith and of course Kelly Wearstler.

My favorite art books are Elizabeth Peyton and Francesco Clemente and I
absolutely love the Vogue Living books, I wish they would come out with

pause:  are you breathing after seeing those chairs?

Julie:  How do you deal with the designer's dilemma of listening to and pleasing a client, yet staying true to your design and doing work you are proud of?

Tia:  Well, I must admit, in the beginning of starting my own company I did a lot
of work that was mostly to please my clients, which always made me laugh
because the reason someone hires you is because they like your style!

Once I was able to have enough projects under my belt that represented "my
interior style" I was able to be more confident choosing which projects I
really wanted to take on.

Julie:  Tell us a little about your family and your community.

Tia:  Myself, my husband and my 2 daughters (8 and 10 years old) reside in
Hancock Park (which is in Los Angeles.) Hancock Park is a beautiful
neighborhood in the city that is made up of mostly historic homes that were
built in the 1920's. 

My husband and I grew up in L.A. (we actually went to
high school together) and when we were deciding where to buy a house we came
across Hancock Park and fell in love with the neighborhood instantly!!
We have been living here for 10 years.

pause:  If I ever show you a picture of my den and I have stacked books like this...don't call me a copycat, please. 

 That fabric....those silk pillows.....Tia...please post about the art in your home, too!

Okay, I was going to split this up into a Part I and Part II...but I just can't.  Patience is not my strong point and the rest of her pictures are too good. 

Are you ready to see her family's kitchen???  I thought so.

I have to comment again...that corbel under the counter...the single light over the farmhouse sink...the original art above the backsplash.  There is such a soul to this house.  Don't you just want to grab a pinot noir, sit on that bench and chat the night away?

Obviously the same room as the introduction picture from years ago.  

Don't you love to see designers grow and evolve?  She exhibits the same love of color and the world's objects...yet there is a maturity (in a good way!) and a confidence in her current design.

One of the prettiest girl's rooms I have seen.  The soft bedding, the fun pillow, the window treatment and the sconce!!

Her home is really getting me fired up to see Eat, Pray, Love too! 

 I feel like traveling when I look at her rooms.  (I love that there is one sconce here and not two...I feel like she decorates with her gut)

Don't you remember seeing this dream outdoor room and pool before?  

Are you in love?

Am I over the top?

Maybe.  I'm okay with that.

Thanks to Tia for sharing her home with us and please go visit her on her blog The Roof Over My Head 

I am certain that even successful designers still love readers :)

(Thanks also for letting this be my first interview.  I loved it)

one more thing...when I added her blog to my blog roll I spelled it wrong and deleted the entire list.  I can't remember them all!  Please email me and remind me if I deleted you, thanks


  1. she has great taste! thanks for sharing the interview.....i'm off to her blog now!

  2. Love her style! Fun interview!

  3. I have long been a HUGE fan of Tia from Cottage Living days!

  4. LOVE Tia Zoldan and the new pics of her home are so fun! It' amazing how some changes can absolutely transform a room!! Great interview!!! I plan on following her blog!!

  5. It's outstanding and so chic home, all those changes It turned out so great and the colors she uses are to die for!!love that she has her own style,She can make any room or piece of furniture look so cozy and lived in just the way a home should feel!I wish you the very best of luck.Thrilled to become her and your newest follower.xoxo Victoria

  6. wow! that kitchen blew me away. I'm going to visit her blog now....thanks so much, Juile!

  7. I love this post! I remember that whole house from Cottage Living and I love seeing the changes she has made!

  8. Love her...I first saw her in Cottage Living...she has a really great style! I'm typically not a "pool" person BUT I really love her pool and outdoor area!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  9. Gorgeous! Love her style, so inspiring and I agree...makes me want to travel. As a visual artist who doesn't know much at all about interior design your blog is inspiring to me on a whole different level than I am used to!

  10. Great, great post!! Her home is beautiful!

  11. Her home is beyond gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing this. I love every last detail.

  12. I'm sorta speechless. That was so fantastic! I have admired her home and aesthetic for years and many times have returned to reexamine the beautiful details of that original magazine spread. I'm thrilled to hear she has a blog and loved seeing the evolution of her lovely space. So many gorgeous details to take in! You don't mind if I hang out, do you? ;0)

    Thank you both!!!


  13. What a lovely glimpse into her home. Very inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

  14. She's so talented. You're right about her having instincts. I love her living room too and the artwork? Yes please!

    Hope you didn't delete me!

  15. What a great insiders view! She has great style and I agree, those dining room chairs are amazing!!!

  16. hi! thanks for the comment! KWW was at the atlanta show, but we are not there anymore! SORRY!!!! I wish we could meet you. But, i'll be glad to send you some info in the mail...or thru email! just message me - iblogmoore@gmail.com. and, LOVE your blog. I've been here before via maybe Blueprint Bliss or two ellie ??? Thanks again!
    ~cat moore (iblogmoore.blogspot.com + kiwiwoodwerks.com)