28 May 2010

Am I meant to live in Denmark?

My house is white...inside and out. I have always loved white painted floors, simple, utilitarian furniture and clean lines. I wonder if because my heritage is Swedish & German? I am blond and have fair skins. Even though I live in Georgia, I have never tolerated the summers well and feel like I wasn't meant for them (even though I do love them). When I was in Switzerland with my husband, and hiking down one of the Alps (Mount Pilatus) ...mind you only down. We took the tram up. Anyway, I tolerated the cold and snow so well...I though maybe I was born in the wrong country.

And I love that my first follower is from Sweden. Go figure.

So as my love for design changes and grows, I see that I even love more Swedish and Danish design. I especially am smitten with Verner Panton chairs. Of course, I really only love them when paired with a contrasting table. A good farmhouse table. Something chunky and a little beat up.

Here is a pic of the designer himself. I would have loved to have shared a meal with him...or a hike.

The following pictures are from La Dolce Vita (via The Brooklyn Home Company), LivingEtc., Verner's portrait from Design Within Reach and then good ol' Domino.

Maybe I can move my Lyle chairs outside on the patio and save up for some of these for the kitchen. Such easy clean up with the boys!

God Bless the USA and our courageous veterans. Happy Memorial Day!


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