30 May 2010

I confess I am obsessed...

With Anthro (as my husband, mom and I so lovingly refer to Anthropologie). I don't remember the first time I went into this store (there are two in Atlanta) or perhaps the first time I received the beautifully styled catalog in the mail, but I do remember it was love at first sight.

I still have friends call me (who must have been living in a cave, for they haven't been in this store yet) and say, "Julie!  You have got to see this store.  It is soooo YOU!"

The image to the left is currently on its website.  I love the sofa--a little modern since it is a shelter sofa, yet a little retro with its '70s plaid.  And nesting coffee tables!  Who could have thought of that!  I love the styling of the web and the catalog.  Very Sibella Court (go figure that I bought her book there).  They are never afraid of scaring potential buyers away with mixing patterns and eras.  Their creative directors must say, "more is more."

Oh, and it is a joke how much Anthro you may find in our home at any given day.  Let's take the kitchen for starters:

Just in this one shot:
1.  The "H" mug bought a long time ago...now filled with sharpies.  (My husband is obsessed with them.)
2.  The little tin buckets with french numbered enamel plates.  The one behind the "H" mug is filled with scissors.  Do you not always need scissors in the kitchen?  All that horrible packaging.  Packaging is another post.
3.  The three little numbered containers (currently empty but I was in love with numbers and with black and white in the kitchen)  I plan to use them for paper clips, thumbtacks and who knows whenever I get the office organized.
4.  The brackets--
As soon as I knew I had to have open shelving in our new (old) home, I knew immediately where I would buy them.  Our sweet salespeople at the Perimeter store found enough for me in three different states--but they ship them for free!  The man who did our kitchen cabinets thought they wouldn't be strong enough.  But I knew better.  My Anthro wouldn't fail me.  And, sure enough, using four per shelf did the trick.  They really make me happy every day.  Chris loves them, too.  They are iron and chippy and beaten-up a bit.  He loves that.

Okay, I probably could find a picture for every room.  But here is my obsession as witnessed elsewhere:
The metal "H".  I know I am trendy.  I hate to admit it.  I want to be timeless and very Jackie O.  But I'm not.  I am doing my best to decorate with restraint and stay with neutrals (this is really an economic decision.  I can much more easily change out throws and pillows instead of repaint or buy new furniture.  The helps, as my tastes change a lot!)  This is just one of many "H"s in our home.
One last image...when has now gone away (for a Ballard's mirror.  Yet another post--my obsession with Ballard's).  My friend and style teammate Anisa helped me with this one.  This is gallery of a bird calendar from Anthro.  Calendars make such beautiful and inexpensive art.

Wishing you beauty!  Julie


  1. Julie- Thanks for your comment on my blog! I'm still pregnant! Just sitting and waiting on the little one to arrive.

    LOVE your blog. And your home is amazing! I'm off to look around your site more...

  2. Anthro has never let us down:)
    Love your home!