25 May 2010

This is my style...

I would say that I am a total Swedo-and Francophile (Swedophile a term? Well, it is now). Our home is bathed in BM's White Dove..in and out. I can think and breathe better around white, and I find the pages in design books that are always dog-eared are white.

I don't know the source of this....now that I am blogging I will start saving the source. All I know is I love the modern Bertoia chairs, old, beaten-up armoire, the white farmhouse table and the pop of robin's egg in the tumblers.

I will probably have a lot of similar pictures on this blog, for my files are filled with them. Who knows what this blog will become, all I know is I have to create. You know how authors will say after completing a novel, "Well, I had to write it. I would die if I didn't!" I really have the same amount of passion for interior design. Welcome Along! Julie

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  1. Love the pop of color in the glasses!! Welcome to the blogging world!